31 December 2008

It's 2008's Deadline...


I didn't realize that one of the most important years of my life is reaching its end. Just like Chery, I would cry too (though I'm a guy >.<) if too much memories rush up my brain tonight. Oh no, I might be sobbing instead of crying LMAO~

SPM, that lame exam which embarassed me for 2 months + , has made enough pimples and scars on my handsome face (ROFL)... Countless sleepless nights before trial until the end of SPM really hurts.

Ok lets forget that fucking lame exam.

TODAY! Last day! 2009 will arrive in... 2 and a half hours...

This year... Lots of wonderful memories as well as important people who made up my life.

Well.... A summary of this year should be included in this post!

-Got to know her, my first female best friend, although maybe I'm not her best friend =)
-Made a lot of friends, especially in my beloved Minda Ceria, tonnes of sweet memories with Sir and my fellow Minda Cerians!
-Changed my hairstyle, no longer the nerdy Zell.
-First time confessed to a girl, and got rejected, but still remain friends!
-First time study until 4am.
-At least 2 months of 3-hour-of-sleeping per day continuously during SPM trial and real SPM
-Truly fell in love with a girl (Until now)
-Went Time Square for the 4th time in my life.
-Get interviewed for the 1st time.
-Slept in friend's house and asked friends to stay in my house to: Gaming, TV and... Forgot... (Forget about good English please, I only use simple Eng tonight)
-1st time play games at Cybercafe overnight (1am until 6am)
-Drove a bike
-Bought my 1st starbucks coffee and regretted.
-Started blogging
-Level up in Kap Lui大法


Well... You know... Last 2 hours of a year... I wish 2008 will not end perpetually... I want 2008... I LOVE 2008...

Too much of 感触... Dunnoe wad is 感触 in English.. baaaah...

Tomorrow will be a beginning of a brand new life.
She's still occupying my whole heart.

My 1st wish for 2009:
The first voice I will hear is HER voice.

Yeah I will call her tomorrow. Hope she's there to answer my call. Yea hope so.

Thank you Crystal. There will be no long gratitude speech here. Because words cannot express myself. Just... Thanks... I.. Err... I hope ... Friends Forever eh? Yea~ I hope so and We will!

Thank you Zhoy, Cafu, Liang, Mok, and lots of friends (Cannot list all out, sorry, I'm very tired now)... Who accompanied me throughout this memoriable year. No friends shall be forgotten, and I'll keep this promise in my mind.

Thank you Sir Sean for your lessons and funny dirty jokes... I had the best years of my life (to date)in Minda Ceria... We all love you!

Thanks mum... I love you...

Just that
After today maybe we will not meet each other any more]
By chance or by will
Whatever it is
I love you all.


Happy New Year 2009!

And...I still love you, Crystal.


17 December 2008

Randomization #001 (Copyright to Chery)

Beverly Hills Chihuahua 不是在今天上映

Sorry lor GSC ...

Zhoy看到Starfucks Forfree Starbucks Coffee今天十周年纪念!!!





在没什么选择之下我们看了The Day The Earth Stood Still...


好像Noah's Ark (诺亚方舟)酱···


FORK... 浪费我的7块钱···

我看到几本关于The Beatles的书···


身材··· 很好呵呵~

还穿三点式··· Walao...



哎呀听到显了··· 又是学车···做工的问题!


Online时发现有几张新的PC fair靓女的照片!


给你们syok syok下~











有一百张左右···全部都是这次PC Fair KLCC的靓女···
想要的话在Shoutbox或MSN留言,我会upload zip file让你们下载···




“我最幸福的事 当过你的天使
趁鼻酸能掩饰 让我们像当时拥抱最後一次
最幸福的事 吹蜡烛时你总为我许愿的手势
为挚爱的人 在左边心口保留位置 是最幸福的事”







11 December 2008

YEA~ Cubesmith™ Stickers~!

Yea hooooo~~~
My Rubik's Cube Cubesmith™ Vinyl Stickers for my 3x3x3 cube has arrived TODAY!
Well I didn't order it directly from Cubesmith.com... The postage from USA will burn my pocket a large hole... 
I ordered it thru a LYN (Lowyat.Net) forumer called nThtoSEy... He is conducting bulk orders for Cubesmith™ products and also China rubik's cube (Type A-D)..

One set of 3x3x3 vinyl stickers costs only RM6, which is very very very cheap for a world-class and hyper long lasting Rubik's cube stickers! In fact, what I ordered was 1 set of stickers and 1 Scraperite™ blade. Wtf is the blade? It's a small plastic blade which is design such that it won't do any scratch to your cube surface, keeping a smooth and clean surface for easy restickering.

So the total cost for this order is RM6.00 + Rm3 for the fking small blade (quite expensive if you see the size) and RM0.50 for normal stamp postage.

It was about 3.00pm in the noon (or evening?) when I checked my letterbox downstairs. When I peeked inside the dark letterbox and with great surprise-- there laid a brown envelope addressed to me! Wow!

With great curiosity I rushed back to my house and impatiently tore off the envelope. Inside the envelope was a piece of A4 paper used to wrap the items (stickers etc). I took out the paper and the stickers and the blade kept inside a transparent plastic "medicine bag"... I mean... those transparent plastic bags used to contain pills... But that's originally imported from USA and then to my house! woot!

Cubesmith logo and the stickers!

After examining the stickers and the blade I started to remove the lame old Rubik's original stickers from my beloved DIY cube, by using the plastic blade. It's easy to remove the old stickers with the blade but your finger will get a little painful after removing about 20 stickers. After removing the white face I faced the greatest trouble. The sticky gunk left on the surface of the cube isn't easy to be removed!

It is very very very sticky and using plain tissue papers/kitchen paper or cloth/wet cloth isn't useful (I tried all of them). I tried applying great force when rubbing the gunk off using a thick kitchen paper but it didn't work well. In fact it didn't work at all. The gunk was getting more and more disgusting and embarassing. 

I tried using sellophane tape and hairdryer (to heat up the surface so that the gunk melts a bit) but it didn't have obvious effect. Choiceless, I googled it. 

Thanks Internet and Google, I was told that using finger nail polish liquid (or whatever it's called) or Silicone Spray (best lubricant for cubes) might work well. I stole the nail polish from my sister's toolbox and tried to rub on the gunk using kitchen paper with a little polish liquid. It worked! BUT... Not very well... I need a very great force and it would take a really good time to remove all gunks on EVERY facets! 

Before removing gunks

I used a cloth with polish liquid also no use. At last I tried with cotton wool. It worked quite well but still need some effort. Out of no choice I can only use cotton wool. I rubbed for quite a long time for every single squares on every surfaces (6 surfaces x 9 squares=54 squares!) with the cotton wool + polish liquid. I tried using Silicone Spray also but the effect isn't convincing.

After about 20-30 minutes of rubbing.. soaking (cotton wool I mean)... Cleaning.... I finally done cleaning and removing all old stickers. Now my cube was only a black cube! But it definitely looked better than the previous picture.

Now it's time for restickering! I peeled off one white sticker carefully with a metal blade... Then I sticked it to the middle piece of the white surface... GOTCHA! First restickering done! 53 more to go!.. >.<

53... 52... 51... 50... 40... 30.. 20... 10... 4... 3.. 2...


YEAH~ Done restickering~ My whole new cube is born!!!!

See my result:



Smooth eh? Cubesmith™ stickers are the best rubik's cube stickers you can find and it lasts reaaaaaaaally looooooooong.... It's very durable and scratch-resistant (yea meh? nt sure about this)... Cubesmith™ TILES are an advanced choice, it lasts virtually... FOREVER... It won't peel off perpetually unless you purposely do it... And I don't think you want to waste the tiles like that.. Because... the tiles... is RM22 PER SET.. I didn't order it cuz I'm not so professional! But it's worth because it lasts maybe... 10 years?

Scraperite blade on my newly restickered cube

Distinct comparison between Rubik's original stickers and Cubesmith™ Stickers
Left is rubik's (my sister's cube), right is cubesmith's (my cube)...

Wow~ Very satisfied... Very nice to hold!

Any cuber/cubist wants to order one set of stickers? RM6 is totally worth it... 54 stickers + 1 Cubesmith logo (optional, you can use back plain white like me) for RM6! The blade which is rather expensive (RM3) is necessary to remove the old stickers easily, but if you want to save money then forget it.

If you want to order, leave a comment here and I can help you order thru the LYN forumer and he will do the job for you. Direct mail to your letterbox. Pay him thru Maybank2U or Cash deposit machine. Trust me, he is a trustable trader! Happy cubing~~

Off-topic: Self-portrait of today:

I am gonna kill you~ Pay me~ Haha I looked so ngok sei... XD

Happy la~

P/S: Chery, I think I might opt Form 6 (STPM)... See 1st la... Ha...


Today's plan was to attend the L-license lesson for... 5 hours...
The uncle who was fetching us (NaOH, Kar Wai and me) smiled benignly at us... He was so kind and friendly!

At 7.50 I climbed into the Proton Saga and he drove to Miharja to fetch another girl. Along the journey we talked a little but in fact I talked the least... Because... I was too tired~ Yawn~ I wanna sleep~~

All pics shown in this post are frm internet... Not i captured de ah...

After dunnoe how long we finally reached the destination, but, what the fuck that disappointed all of us (including the uncle himself) was -- the academy was closed. Erm... not zap lap... U noe la.. My language expression is poor... What I mean is... Not opening... Not zap lap ah...

We saw about ... 5 cars including some Proton Sagas (=.=)'' going on the opposite direction with us... The uncle asked a Proton Saga driver what happened, and what we knew was... the academy was not opening because today is Sultan Selangor's birthday if I am not mistaken...

The uncle said he never experienced such sohai thing (Of course he never said "sohai") before and this is the 1st in his history. In fact, he taught the girl (refer to above)'s father and mother and sister.. OMG! He started to teach driving since he was so young... He's now 60 I think.. Or maybe 55+...

He said he taught many student's father and mother before, which really impressed me. 

Then we decided to have breakfast together as going back at that time will be stucked in heavy jam. (About 8.20am). He drove us to a nameless chinese restaurant (really nameless) and he said the Yu Tao Mai (鱼头米)and the noodles there very nice...

He said want belanja us makan wor~ Cuz he said he so paiseh~

I ordered a Mee+Black sauce+wantan+char siew+Green vege+Ajinomoto+salt+soup and Milo powder+water+sugar+milk+solid H2O... The Milo Solution™ was so thick and sweet which I can't really finish it... Diabetes Mellitus kills... >.<''


But the wantan mee is not bad. Succulent and juicy wantans and very Q noodles, but the char siew wasn't so nice. It was.... Hard? Again I shall remind you that my language expression sucks..

This looks more delicious... LOL...

I dunnoe what KarWai ordered but there were 4 cups of Milo Solution with solid H2O™. KF, who always eat slower than a blue snail strolls from Tebrau City to Penang Komtar, ordered a BIG Pan Mee rough mee+soup+Ikan bilis(omg reminds me of hong chieh)+vege+forgot wth ingredients... The bowl was so damn huge...

About 2x this size

As anticipated, he ate so slow... I think the blue snail had reached Perak already by the time he finished the last spoonful of mee. When you look at him eating the mee... It's like... Suffering... I mean HE was suffering.. Dunnoe la he seemed to enjoy it very much... Haha paiseh KF~

I wanted to go dagei with them de... But they wanted to go home... haiz Nvm la I play @ home lo..

Philix pulak asked me to memorize the vocabs in Dictionary NOW... Omigosh.... I am lazy bahhhh... If I am going to start foundation @ Jan (not Jane) @ UTAR then I must relax as much as possible now... Haiz...


Oh yea, Chery, sorry I think I've changed my mind again... 
[AND AGAIN.... ]So fast huh... I don't want to take A levels le... I don't think I'm capable to score so good in A levels... It's so difficult... haha Libras are lazy... I'm a typical Libra...

Most probably I will be going for UTAR foundation (100% fee waived, as long as SPM get 9As+) on January OR May, then when the SPM result is out, I might apply for ASEAN and JPA scholarships... If lucky kena then Bye bye lor UTAR~ And if Matriculation/IPTA application approved I might choose that also... See 1st la... If everything failed... Apply PTPTN and go UTAR degree... haiz.. Tension...
**Edit: Not going UTAR now... Might try out "One of the hardest exam in Malaysia"-- STPM™...
Going to challenge myself... I so poor... Rely on government eat their money better... Eat Pak Lah's $$... Wakaka~~ Hope to see Crystal too ^.^
BUT*, I go form 6 not because of her. Really.
This week's to-do-list:
Today: Clean the lame book room (actually a ne plus ultra messy store room).. And my room as well... Dust condition: 0.5cm OMG WTF BBQ... No la.. JK..

12/12/08 (Friday): Go Malaysian 25th Education Fair with Zhoy
13/12/08 (Sat): Go UTAR's Open Day, or/and Nan Yang Edu Fair 08
14/12/08 (Sunday): The most awaited-- 2008 PIKOM PC Fair... 3rd time this year... Must grab a ATI HD4670 G.C. , a 320GB WD/Seagate Internal and a CoolerMaster PSU... 450W probably... If got extra money then might get one more 1GB Kingston 667... But now pokai jor.. Mayb not buying RAM le...

Here I must write in Chinese...

Ei泡鱼··· 妳在哪里?做么不联络我的?
很想妳咧··· SMS又没回···
好心妳啦··· 不要酱懒惰··· 看一下手机!

... You know this isn't her right... abstract illusion XD

P/S: 妳的照片已经在我的电脑荧幕/手机荧幕出现很久了··· 可是我想亲眼见妳···快回复吧~~~
我 想你想得好孤寂 我 想你想得好痛心 (噢不!又来了...不要唱啦!!!)

这一秒最喜欢听的歌:一样的月光 and 酒干倘卖无 by 苏芮~~~

05 December 2008

I'm surely a weirdo.

Here's an "interesting" tag from Chery: ... I am one of "everyone" so I am tagged too!


1. State 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself.
2. The 10 people I tag are to then to follow my footsteps and write their own 15 weird things/habits and little known facts.

3. No tag backs.

Fact No. 1: I love old songs very very much.
Yes, all of my close friends will tell you I am an extreme idiot who only (to be accurate, it's 99.5%) listen to old songs. How do I define old songs? To me, old songs are songs/musics produced during 1950s to 1990s. Hmm... 1990s is considered very new for me but for most of you who are currently reading this post, it's very old. I don't know why I love old songs so much, I can say that 85% of the songs in my phone (Currently got 208 songs) are old songs, 5% are 2004-2008 songs, and 10% are non-musics (like gun shooting effect). My favourite artists/bands: Beyond, Zhang Yu-Sheng, The Beatles (~XD), Air Supply, 苏芮, and... so on...

Fact No. 2: I can't sleep without my small pillow which I hug everyday.
OMG~ PILLOW? Yea... I sleep with 3 pillows: One big pillow to be stuffed under my head, one small one to cover my head, and one medium one to let me hug. >.<

Fact No.3: My day isn't complete without a computer with internet connection.
It says it all... PC FTW~ (In case you don't know what is FTW, FTW= For the win). However a lame PC without internet access and smooooooooth controls cannot satisfy my at all. Yea la I am very "yin chim" la so what! Can you imagine the day I lived without touching my PC? That's sooo deadly! I can stare in front of my PC without doing anything, but I cannot stare in front of a Sejarah textbook! Oh fork forget about history!

Fact No. 4: My heart is always occupied with only one girl, and it never empties.
You might think I'm a pervert or whatsoever, but this is the truth. Without someone to love (excluding family of course) it's like... BLAIN DAEMAEGE. I can't live without a girl inside my mind. I must always thinking of a girl whom I like very much to motivate me to do something. Without her I seem to be LOST. I mean... No target? No no... I mean... No more hope in my life... >.<

Fact No. 5: Life without music is shit.
No music no life. I must listen to at least one song before I can end my day.

Fact No.6 : I am easily addicted with games.
Yea so don't introduce any new games for me to play, because I will wake up at 6 in the morning to play it (if it's really a nice game) and play continuously until 4pm with 20 minutes rest for breakfast and lunch. I am not a hardcore gamer, but the lame Maple Story has poisoned me last time. I woke up in at 6am to PQ (Ask any mapler what is PQ) because PQ at the morning you can easily find an empty channel (again, ask a mapler). Currently going to be addicted to Call of Duty 4 and Devil May Cry 4!! Waiting for my new GC...

Fact No. 7: I am very friendly but I am very self-centered.
I can give your 999 excuses to reject you something you asked me to help. If  I don't like to do something, don't ever force me. I don't like it. I loathe it very much. Fuck it. No matter who are you except you're the girl I love, I will react without passing the impulses to my brain. I don't like then I give reasons. Sorry for being so self-centered but... I always try my best to tolerate and compromise with everyone! 
****This depends on who is the opponent. If you are so yong sui and hak yan zang, then you are getting 1 out of my 999 excuses. If you are my fellow friends, you will feel the warmest you should feel.

Fact No. 8: I speak very loud.
Maybe due to many hours of daily songs explosion in my ears my hearing seems to be weaker now. Maybe I can't listen well to my own voice, so I don't realise that I'm talking very loud. Sorry for any inconveniences caused. >.<

Fact No.9: I am too playful until myself also tak boleh tahan.
When you see me you might think that I might be a bookworm and you are definitely wrong. When I play I will be very crazy and I cannot control myself very well.. Probably... Syok sendiri? Well... Please remind me to calm down when I'm overwhelmed with craziness. Don't worry, it doesn't kill.

Fact No.10:  I speak vulgarities almost everyday.
Sorry, I'm trying my best to heal myself. The most ubiquitous vulgarity that pops out from my mouth everyday is "Dew"... You know how to pronounce it, d-i-u... >.<

Fact No. 11: I don't like those "abnormal" persons who cannot think properly using their brains.
I am not referring to handicapped people. Here it means... Those ppl who can't seem to think logically and rationally using their fucking-actually-normal brains. (oh shit i popped out fuck again.. Oh shit here again..) In chinese it means... 不会做人... NOT MAKING BABIES YOU PERVERT
Those who are being blocked currently in my MSN contacts are the best examples. 1: Mr O, he is way too stubborn, ignorant and obstinate. He cannot control himself well and he always act stupidly and sohai-ly >,<

Fact No. 12: I always day-dreaming.
I want this... want that... I hope I can have a private airport... zzzz
I am virtually spendthrift, i.e. I always want to buy something but I end up buying nothing. >.<
I always dream to be with the girl I love but it never happen. I always dream to become the richest and handsome-st (most handsomeI mean) but it also HAVENT happen. (Not never)

Fact No. 13: I love Crystal. I love her everyday every second.
Fact No. 14:
Fact No. 15:

To be continued...

I Tag....
Everyone who are reading this blog now except Chery because she tagged "me"... >.<

Happy holidays dudes~

29 November 2008

Gratitude... 毕业感言···很多感触··· 呜···



踏足这个很恐怖的社会 全部人都勾心斗角
不会在意生意上的金钱利益 也不会介意谁比较有钱

如果我有天忘了你们 我也可以在这里找到迷失的记忆

Cafu aka Carrefour...
虽然每天都啧你···说你很Gay啦···什么的···其实你还好啦··· 你明白我是在开玩笑的对不对···哈哈···

文良aka Vayne CR 7...

木村拓Zhoy... (CY² spirit!!)
祝你和CC的感情一路顺利~ ~不要忘记我们的CY²公司哦~

Crystal aka 仪...
不用多说了吧···希望可以在马大看到妳哦!不要说“不好笑” “不要copycat” “我笑不出”··· 我会背了···
之前那篇都是对你说的话··· 这里就简略了···我爱妳···

子康 aka 航海老人 aka Sleepy...
记得驾车时不要睡觉!!!不要整天"ready to fail"...人生中有很多东西不能fail的!!

Bear bear aka Jonathan...
Nobody is perfect, and you are "nobody" is it? LOL! Hope to see you in our gathering! Maplers forever~

Eden aka Li Cheng aka GameProMaster(Lmao)...
Keep up with your animation course at Singapore! We will surely miss you... And your superb Speedcubing skills as well as your par excellent gaming skills! Frens Foreva~

Yao Heng aka Sienz...
Well...Happy mapling with you~ Si3nz Rox~~~ XD Happy NS-ing~ The kononnya pro-est Mapler in SMKSG~

Kuro aka Black Chicken aka Win...
Still, so black and cute wakakaka~ Will surely miss your craziness!

Toh Kang aka Poison Kang...
Happy cubing! Don't always kao lui... Focus on one lui enough la! 

Chee Hoe aka Jason...
Happy cubing too~ Have fun with the 4x4x4~ Must teach me ya! I want to hug your doggies!!

小Pat aka Pat²
Be happy always~ I miss you evil laugh hahahaha~

Azzuweeeeeeen~~ The Mohd!
Jangan makan babi ya... OMG LOL~~ Must keep in touch and play basketball together!

Chun Han aka Slash...
Don't be overwhelmed with your craziness! Don't be late anymore... Like SPM chinese XD! Beyond forever!

Ping aka Pink and Justin...
Dont ride motor so fast!Ah hui ah!!! Deng lai liao ah? Jia Ba liao boh! Haha!

Erm... Dunno wad to say... Gambateh la~~

Hoh sooi aka BAdz haseko...
Anime freakz~~~! Shana forever!!

Kar Wai...
Dont be so lansi with your hair... Haha...

Mong Shyang... Mong mong~~
Keep in touch ya! Akira!!!

Always come out with us ya~!!!

YapCS aka Yap Chee B** LOL~~~
...........Gambateh... Do everything fast!

Louie aka The Stress One
Don't be overstress! Relax la~~

Chun Ken aka Ken..
Dunnoe wad to say... Sometimes you just react in a weird way...Gambateh in computing!

Sheelan Rao A/L Soonya*********
Haha... Keep it up with your academic! Prof sheelan!

Thomas aka Chin Chun
Haha dunnoe wad to say... Our SMKSG singer! Gambateh! Hope to see u in superstar/ATQ or One in a million!

Zi Yeong...
...You never tell lies...

Zhi Heng
Queeeckkkkk....Queeeck....Miss your voice!

**Tuition buddies and old friends and Teachers!!~
Sir Sean Patrick
Sir! Thank you so much for teaching us for 3 years! You're always in our heart! We would never forget your smile and your dirty jokes! Miss you very much... Hope to see you again in moustache and our proud result!

Mr Andy...
Happy wedding! Hope to see your baby soon .. XD

Puan Ruhaizah
Thank you for your lessons in Math and Physics! Will remember your smile!

Mark Yong~ Our monitor~
Yoz! Keep in touch eh! 

As mentioned above...

Yean Chu... (The girl in black tshirt)
Haha thank you for helping me alot!

Chee Hong (Not chihong)
Be careful with your mother LOL!

Esther aka Chery
Your blog's so nice! Keep in touch ya! (sorry i stole some photos frm ur blog >.<)

Philix aka the Born-to-be Artist
Hope to see your fashion designs and artworks again! You're too pro to be an artist and "language-r"!

Yu Seng aka Ah Seng...
Paired up with esther? lol~~

Philip Ng...
Don't maple maple maple lar! Life's got more things to enjoy!

我的Memory is full...藏在我的记忆深处···一时之间想不起来···


Some sweet and fun memories...
At Gasoline enjoying last day of SPM

Playing PS2 at school...

Crazy Kuro... Lol

Playing cubes, barbies and gambling part 1

Playing cubes, barbies and gambling part 2


all of us at timesquare

Swimming at kuro's house


At school lab

Before marching @ sports day

Playing at Chi Hong's house during CNY

Zhoy and Pat

Our fking fingers

Cafu and me


Zell aka JiaTern aka Chuan Lao aka...