28 April 2009

Nendoroid Enpatsu Shakugan no Shana Photography Session

Hey all~
I have 80++ new photos for Eden's nendoroid Shana!

I will be posting the photos here! Stay tuned to CrystallizedMemory™~
Here's one of them.

Will update tonite~

21 April 2009

Photoshooting @ Eden's house -Late update

As promised, here you go. The pix.

Eden's 7x7x7 V-Cube, Wow-ed me!
*One of the best shots that day, with fish eye effect

Wartorn 2x2x2 Eastsheen Cube

A very unique "Void Cube", without the center piece. Can solve like normal rubik's cube.

The spinning tower of Cube™

The Cube Castle™

Not forgetting playing mahjong~~~ 自摸~

16 April 2009

Back from Eden's house~ 4 days 3 nights XD

Yeeha~ I stayed at Eden's house for 4 days and 3 nights and I'm back for now!
Basically we just played cubes, mahjong, PS2, pc and left 4 dead~

Well, I'm exhausted and have no extra energy to continue writing here, so I guess I will update this post tomorrow.

Here I show one of my photos first. More to come!

Eden's nendoroid Shana Enpatsu Shakugan version~~ too kawaii, can't resist from trying to kidnap her back. Well, maybe I'll get her too.
*Damn, RM150 for such little figure. GTFO!
DSC_0334c copy

Stay tuned.

13 April 2009

PIKOM PC Fair 2009 1st Season LAST DAY

Went again LOL!
For more chicks~


NOTE: This is watermarked with JT&J photography, which means "Jason took the photo, JiaTern's camera and Jiatern's post processing". Thanks.

Only "JT photography" is photos taken purely by myself.

I am going to Eden's house for 2~3 days, not updating. Stay TUNED to CrystallizedMemory!!!
You will see the chicks latest on Friday!

11 April 2009

PIKOM PC Fair 2009 1st Season


Yup, as usual every PIKOM PC Fair will have my presence. Since the first time I've been to PC Fair I have been deeply addicted with the atmosphere of PC Fair with a heavy "technological" odour and of course the dim orangy lighting which tickles my senses.

OKAY LA! I admit laaa! The showgirls there is also another dominating reason XD~

In fact this visit to PC Fair isn't the same as before. In 2007/2008 everytime I go PC fair I would buy something at least, be it a thumbdrive or a RAM. Yesterday, I went there purely for photography. I was like... being imprisoned in my small room everyday, and I've nothing good to shoot inside my room \(o.O)/

Like the day before yesterday Jason reached my house at about 9 in the morning with my eyes semi-closed. After transferring some pix into his Kingston and foruming @ LYN awhile we went to Alim for breakfast. We went Jusco after that to meet Pat as well as taking B114 for a direct ride to KLCC.

Upon reaching KLCC, again, I always be amazed by the twin corns of KLCC. Without any hesitation I switched the dial on my D40 to "ON", adjusted the settings for M Mode and grab some shots as I could. Here is one of my shots.


Before we went to the Convention Centre we strolled around Suria KLCC first. Surprisingly there's an event held by Tag Heuer. Tag Heuer is a Swiss watch brand FYI. There was a show with models posing with the bags and watches. I did take plenty of shots there, but I don't find them nice. Next time post them up, now let me continue.

Where did I stop?

Oh yea, Suria KLCC. Pix!

Then we walked to the garden there (the place between Convention Centre and Suria KLCC) with the fountain, lake etc. Jason and I was like acting pro photographers, shot here shot there, everything also SHOOT! Captured a lot of photos there, here are some essence of them.


Some macros~


The next station will be the PC Fair itself of course. Just 2 minutes before we reach the convention centre it rained =.= Not cats and dogs, fortunately. Like last time, the escalator was still crowded and the staircase was still BLANK. Looks like everyone is as lazy as me.

But then I figured out something during the previous PC Fair. The staircase is made up of woods and TRANSPARENT plastic/glass I reckon, and if you are LUCKY, you might see something like underskirt LOL. No offense, just my observation. Err I didn't capture how the staircase looks like, I afraid people will think I'm perverted. Go and see yourself. But... GIRLS! Use the escalator, seriously.

I forgot what was selling in the 1st hall we entered, but most importantly we were greeted with leaflets and catalogs given by the Smexy™ and enchanting showgirls~ O.O
I didn't know we would see any showgirl that soon, so I cowarded and didn't take a shot of them. What a waste... They're very gorgeous! Never mind, more to come.

Entering the 2nd hall, wow this I remember what booth was there. It should be printers and camera if I am not mistaken. Actually the PC Fair this year is rather disappointing. The chicks are not as pretty as last year's, they lost both QUALITY and QUANTITY. Last year I could have a bunch of chicks in sight easily, but this year I will need to scan for them =.=

Okay, but I managed to hold my breathe and ask one showgirl to let me shoot her. Okay, not SHOOT, take photo. Ok? No hamsap here. At first I was reluctant to ask the girl, since this is my first time shooting models and this is also my first time to demand a shot. But at last, pusillanimously, I asked her, the Samsung girl,"Hello, may I take a photo of yours?"

And yeah~ She agreed with a sweet smile and posed SMEXILY for me. Okay la, not smexily, just a normal pose every girl would do. See prove.

You might think this photo's white balance is... too yellowish right? Nah, I purposely made it like that. ...
Ok la, I admit it la. I was so kancheong until I forgot to adjust the exposure before shooting her. So the output is very dark, and this is how it looks after being photoshopped heavily. What to do, I didn't ask for a second shot, only can accept it.

After the 1st time I already have experience, so I took a few more with other showgirls.
This is Kingsoft's Ivonne.

And... I know you've been waiting long for this. Kingsoft's 4P 4 chicks in a row! When I shot this there were 2 more pro photographer beside me, both with gigantic flash and equipments... Shame shame, but photographer is meant to be muka tembok~ XD

And this is Kingston's one

No moar leng lui, and... DONT TELL ME YOU'RE GOING TO STOP READING HERE YOU PERVERT! This year's quality and quantity dropped, I heard a rumour that the bosses are trying to cut budget this year... haiz... Pity us who always scan chicks during PC Fair >.<

And this year's PC Fair doesn't have the explosive bass hall, which is the speaker hall. The speaker department is now at the last hall last portion, which is together with streamyx p1 wimax celcom maxis etc. Only 3 booths of speaker brands, and in which I think is very cacat.

After Jason had bought his 8GB microSD we went back to suria KLCC to meet with Eden in front of Toys R Us. He's still with the yong sui hair and a bag haha~ Pity him, kena Malaysian NS and Singapore's NS. Haiz. We sat in KFC to play his cubes. Yea, cubeS. He brought two 3x3x3, one 2x2x2, one 4x4x4 and his stackmate. We played cube there and many non-cubers there were staring at us like aliens. I mean we are the aliens =.=

And guess what? Eden has a new 3x3x3 cube! But this looks very weird: 1st every of its facets is the same colour--Silver, and... WTF! the size of each cubelets is different! See how is this "bomb cube" or "transformer cube" like what we named it.

Eden speedcubing. See how the cube spins XD

And well... It was an eveningmare for us when we're on our way back. Damn jammed!
Hmm, I hope... Season 2's leng lui will have better Quality and Quantity! XD~~~~~~~

End lo.

08 April 2009


Sorry for writing this post so late, I was busy discovering my D40.If I recall correctly it was 3rd of April, our gang went Pudu Plaza's badminton court to play badminton. In case you don't know who's in the gang that day, they are Zhi-Heng, Zween, Zhoy (wow 3x initial Z™), Bear², Pat, Jason, TK and me myself.

I went Pudu with TK and found Jason in D-net playing SDO. XD saw one chick playing SDO too~

We headed to pat's house which is located in Pudu too, and we tried our best to ruin his pc to Death. No I wasn't cruel enough, his pc was already in Half-Death condition, so the PC_Ruining Plan™ has been procrastinated until further notice XD.

If I am not mistaken the "online strategy game" TK played using Pat's PC was [3 Kingdom]. What a lame game, after first 5 minutes I logged in I clicked the [X] button on the top-right corner of the LAMEST browser in the world.

Then what? We went to our destination, I forgot the exact time, around 12pm gua. The court is, surprisingly, quite big and very nice to play with.

Note: Photos not watermarked with "JT Photography" is NOT captured by myself.

Zhi-Heng's vengeance!

No more badminton game shots, since that was the 2nd day I was using my D40, still not familiar. Do bear in mind this is not a Point-And-Shoot camera, not very easy though. Below is my trials on some close-ups on the shuttlecock.


A more artistic verison XD

Someone-I-Forgot was playing with Pat's SE. Maybe he was watching PRAWN.

After the game we went to Pudu for ... lunch. yeah lunch. The 干捞面 (or whatever it's called) is very palatable and the 西米露 which has various types of fruit inside is rather succulent. It's worth 30 minutes waiting for the 西米露 although it was semi-made by TK =.= I SAW HIM PUSHING DOWN ON THE SHAVED ICE WTF! lol.

Zhi-Heng was enjoying the noodles.

This is how to noodles looked like.

What game freaks we are, we went to Zhoy's house for a break and then decided to go On9 (a CC's name). In fact I managed to grab my cam and shot some macros at Zhoy's house.

Artificial Flowers @ Zhoy's living room.

Closer look.

BTW in the photo above the stigma (stop bio-ing will you, and do you actually know which one is stigma wtf) was Out-of-focus. Paiseh la, noob here, need more experience... BTW it was a bad time playing in On9. The computer rigs suck, can't even support L4D well, COD4 is also very unstable. Next time we'll just go D-net instead XD

But at pudu leh zz.

Next: Mok's 18th birthday @ Kajang Satay. Mind you, all crap pics. Don't put on any high hope.

04 April 2009

Shots of the day

Too boring while not having any outing, decided to snap some devices around my worktable.
It took me a good time to get better shots. Some shots are blurry or underexposed, while some are not meant for photography =.=

Here's one of my snaps on my sister's Sony S650 *cheaplak* point-and-shoot camera, frankly speaking it always phail me \(o.O)/


After 2 days experimenting my D40 I've learned how to shoot in low-light without using flash (but most of the time using flash will produce greater result) and shoot better macro. Aperture and shutter speed adjustments are becoming easier as practice makes perfect! Okay, still a long journey to "Perfect", paiseh, newbie here, 多多指教!

Here's another one. My dear "The Shaker" was trying to rape my fat N73. Well don't ask me why his taste is so weird, so fat also can tahan? No la, don't be perverted! They're GAY siblings XD


I have had a great time shooting the picture above, as I couldn't get the perfect focus and lighting which I want. FYI my D40 was mounted on the tripod to shoot this. My hands are always trembling when shooting with lower shutter speed... BTW this shot was using a fairly low speed (1/20s), handholding the camera will also do the job but mounting it on a tripod would be more stable.

Here's how I captured the photos above.

Note that I used my n73 to shoot this =.=

Okay, that's all? Yeah. Only 2 good shots. You think easy meh... Other shots are lame and no aesthetic value at all. Comments and criticisms (CnC) are welcomed!

P/S: I want to learn portraiture now. Need a good model~ Preferably girl XD
No salary T_T but will belanja you yamcha~ Requirement: Confident, healthy looking and fair skin~ No need nose-bleeding leng lui (and I doubt any nose-bleeding leng lui will find me), just be yourself!
SMS me 01-SIX lok gao lok chat 138~
OR msn jiatern@gmail.com

P/P/S: I doubt anyone will find me. Sigh~

02 April 2009

Letter .::. D40






O_Q ---感动貌 来看看到底内容是些什莫~



好吧,其实今天我得到了我第一架单反相机(人称DSLR—— Digital Single Lens Reflex)!是我梦寐以久的Nikon D40 Kit,不是什么新机了,零六年出的,像素是6.1百万~

哈哈你错了,因为像素不是影响相片素质的因素。以上所有照片都是用D40所拍,除非你是print超大张照片(A3 size或以上)那么像素就是个因素。如果只是列印A4 Size或以下(3R 4R 4R等),600万像素绰绰有余!


六年级UPSR我买的是一架Sony Discman,现在还好好的,只是耳刁的我不喜欢了...不好听了...
PMR我买了新电脑,告别Windows 98的年代,迈向XP。当然现在是用vista了咯~






我正式宣布此部落格成为Photo Blog,敬请留意更新!
I hereby officially declare, this blog, CrystallizedMemory is now a Photo Blog!


P/S: Camera bag and speedlite needed T_T

01 April 2009

Camwhoring before Interview

Okay this is my 1st camwhore session since the last time (IIRC is about 2 months ago)....

I managed to snap myself in this formal attire (yes, first time in my life, school uniform not counted)!

Don't blame for the blurness, a normal phone's camera isn't that good. Wait until I buy my D40 then I will camwhore capture more self-portrait and CHICKS!
Probably the chicks at PC fair. See how 1st.

DO NOT BLAME THE MODEL! He's not a professional >.<|||
But will be a professional (OMG this is damn lame stop it) photographer real soon. If there's no obstacles ahead. Okay. Time to prepare for my interview. 2pm will be the time which decides my future, most probably.

Okay my camwhore product today:



Time to go. Wish me good luck? Thanks a lot.