31 May 2009

Cubers' Gathering @ Subang Parade

I have very limited time, so I will shortcut everything here, please do not mind T.T
On Saturday Eden, Vayne, Pat, SK and I went Subang Parade to attend a cubers' gathering organized by Franklooi (if I am not mistaken)! This is the first time I go for a Rubik's cubers' gathering, and of course I will capture some photos along the way.

Erm the day before that Eden's mom fetched me from Pandan Indah and we headed to MV Megamall, then we slacked there until 6pm =.= Sat on a bench there and keep cubing until our hunger alarms rang. I had dinner with Eden sensei's family, and I slept at his house for that night.

Just 2 of us? No la, before that I drove Eden's Honda Civic to Kajang to fetch SK, and then headed to Jason-kun's house to have supper with him. After our 3x persuasion he finally agreed to join us tonight at Eden's house and then the next morning I would drive him back home. He had to take his Erican module test, if not he could have joined the gathering.

In Eden's house, as usual, cubing, mahjong, PS2 and computer. And hey, the white Eastsheen cubes I've ordered (4x4x4 and 2x2x2) had arrived a few days ago!
So I kept playing the 2 cubes until my eyes became extremely heavy and couldn't tahan anymore. 3 of them still so energetic, they played mahjong until 9am.
SK, Vayne, Pat and I had no place to sit, and as a result we leave the big gang and sat in another table. But it was very boring, since it's a cube gathering why we were cubing with our own friends =.= At last there's one more table so we joined back the gang.

I saw Azraei, one of Malaysia's top cubers. He and 2 of his friends were interviewed on 8TV last time after Singapore Open 2009. Eden should have joined them too, but he was in Sarawak, so he missed his first (and maybe the only one) chance to appear on TV haha~
Azraei was speedsolving a V-cube 7.

Talking about V-cube, Eden bought another set of V-cubes =.= Damn rich, even though he already own one set black ones. He said white ones are better lol.
His black Vcube7 vs white Vcube7.

Some of the cubers.
Did you notice the orangy cups? They are cup stacking (or speedstacking), the player stacks the cup in his fastest time is called speedstacking. There are a few types of speedstacking, namely 3-3-3, cycle and...another one I forgot.

This leng zai was doing a cycle. Everything occured in a split seconds.
World record for cycle (3-3-3, tower and dunno what already) is 6.xx seconds, record broken by a 11-year-old child XD

Ok la I am really lazy now, I need to revise my Add Math. I shortcut ya?
Eden(left) and Amos were team-solving. This team solve was 1min2secs iirc, but Eden managed to get 39 secs with Azraei (wtf so fast)

Amos was trying my white eastsheen.

A custom made 3x3x5 cube seen at the gathering. It's solve is exactly the same with normal rubik's 3x3x3, just that the edges and center pieces are doubled. I managed to solve it in my 1st trial...

... We cubed until 6pm ++, then after saying goodbye with the remaining cubers (some already left) and then I drove to Tesco Ampang. At 1st Vayne said want to eat Nasi Briyani but we ended up in Pizza Hut =.=

After the meal I sent Vayne home, sent Pat to LRT and then SK to Kajang. I slept in Eden's house for another night! Another cubing session T_T
Eden's 2x2x2 has new look with new stickers. Very flashy!!!
He finally had his Square-1 solved. huhu.
My 4x4x4 solve T_T so damn slow >.<


27 May 2009

I love muffins~

She baked me some muffins today, so lovely and palatable =)

*Heart heart* =)

25 May 2009

Some cube practices... Got PB!

Yesterday and today I did some 3x3x3 practices, surprisingly I broke my own personal best record (pb)!!! I got a 30.88 seconds! Wooooo~~


Here's today's result... 12/12 Solve average is 41.10s!! ( solve average excludes best result and worst result) Hmm not a very mabushi result but it has shown my improvement already. Currently trying to learn OLL T_T


24 May 2009

Tagged by Chery COMBO ATTACK T_T

(Choose either YES or NO. Do NOT add any choices or write your own answer. You may write additional information to explain your answer after you choose YES or NO.)

This Is For:
- Jason aka Agito(since you didn't do that ultra long tag, I want to add more!)
- Vayne (another for you...)
- Pat (lazy @ss...)
- Meng Hui

1) Post frequently? - ERM, So-so

2) Like music? - YES, Overwhelmed lovu lovu! A part of my life. ("love love" pronounced in Japanese)

3) Like school? - YES, Nostalgia is invading my mind T_T

4) Like studying? - ERM, Depends on what to study.

5) Active in sociality? - Yes and NO, depends.

6) Physically fit? - NO, but is physically and mentally and emotionally healthy.

7) Happy with the way you look? - NOT at all.

8) Content with your friend circle? - NO, hope to expand further.

9) Talented? - YES, let me boast awhile.

10) Dreaming big? - YES, indeed (refer to previous ultra-long tag)

11) Dream of people you know a lot? - YES

12) Love someone? - YES, but not only one.

13) IN love? - NOPE, but am loved by many.

14) Considering progress/achievement? - YES, progress over achievement.

15) Feel depression without someone? - ERM, sort of.

16) Feel happy with someone around? - ERM, if it's her, yeah why not.

17) Feel the way things are now is right? - NO! I need more time T_T

18) Feel you make a difference? - YES.

19) Feel you matter to those who matter to you? - YES, I think so.

20) Feel that they love you in return? - YES, some of them.

22 May 2009

Questionaire Tag

If your name appears somewhere in the early part of this, then congratulations, as it means that I think you are great enough to write about and actually worth wasting time on the computer for. This questionaire will involve some potentially personal questions which you may not want to answer, but knowing the source of this, and my nature, I DARE YOU. Anyway, if I have chosen you, it also means you are smart enough to get yourself out of answering stupid and/or humiliating and/or over-personal questions. Every entry that has a * or a number in front of it you have to fill in with your own answer, or chose one of the choices that I have prepared.

A rule for this is that you cannot write who sent this to you. You may answer verbal or written questions, of course, but you can't write who tagged you in the title. Simply post this as 'Questionaire Tag.' The only other rule is PLEASE answer the questions IN ORDER.

The Early Part of This

The 7 lucky people you have chosen and why.
You may re-tag the person who sent this to you, but if they have answered it once before, they may choose to answer or not.

*Vayne, because his blog is near dead.
*Jason W. Agito, because I would like his college life to become busier.
*MengHui (nictmh), because I would like to trick him gaogao.
*M-o-n-g, because he tagged me before, the long one.
*Pat, another near dead blog.
*Philip, because his blog current posts are quite short.
*Chery, for fun.

The Easy Part of This

Choose from the given answers, - highlight or underline or bold or italic your answer - or write your own if you think the choices are insufficient. Note that some questions are purely objective or purely subjective. In these cases, you are only allowed to choose if it is objective, or only allowed to write your own answer if it is subjective.

1) What type of colour person do you think you are?
A) Light, cheerful colours
B) Cool, trendy colours
C) Striking, attractive colours
D) Dark, mysterious/dull colours
E) All de above..Bahahaha

2) How would you describe your life so far?
A) Dull, boring, unchanging
B) Pathetic, miserable, rock-bottom existence
C) Dynamic, insane, fantastic
D) Disturbing, morbid, suicidal
Own Answer? -

3) What do you think of your friends?
A) They're a great bunch, and I think I couldn't do better
B) They're okay, though sometimes I wish they wouldn't do some things
C) They are the worst people I've ever met. I don't know why I still hang out with them
D) They're really nice, but I don't think we have anything in common really
Own Answer? -

4) Is your life going the way you planned?
A) Yeah, if it goes any better, I'd think I was in a movie
B) Sure, I've gotten what I really wanted
C) Hell no, it's like I'm stuck in a blender with rubbish
D) It's fine. Not exactly what I planned, but I'm doing alright
Own Answer? -

5) What kind of genre would you compare yourself to?
A) Musical/Heavily Orchestrated Movie
B) Drama/Thriller
C) Romantic Comedy/Sketch Show
D) Horror Movie/Gory Slashers/Black Comedy
Own answer? - Comedy+ Tragedy combo, more like Hayate's life XD (google 'hayate no gotoku' if u dunno)

6) What would you most likely be caught reading?
A) Bestselling Novels
B) Comic Books
C) Pornography
D) A manuscript of something you wrote yourself
Own Answer? - Novels with sudden twist and great suspense like Jeffrey Archer's, and HP series

7) Are you more of a _______ person?
A) Romantic
B) Sulky
C) Hilarious
Own answer? -

8) Do you think you can accomplish your goals and finish what you've started?
A) Yeah, I always do.
B) No, that's why I don't have any goals
C) Umm, I guess so, but I probably can't do it alone
D) Sure, but you never know how things might twist and turn

9) What do you see yourself as?
A) Athletic, fit, trendy person
B) Boring, lazy, fat kid
C) Crazy, unpredictable, loose cannon
D) Down to earth, calm, simple person
E) Romantic, caring, loveable
Own Answer? -

10) Judging from the way you're living now, what is your life expectancy?
A) Hey, I'm living but I'm living safe - 65-75 years
B) Dude, I always get sick. It's just a matter of time! - 35-55 years
C) I'm too precious to enjoy myself!! - more than 100 years
D) Dude, I'm just as crazy as you are! - less than 20 years
Own answer? -

The Historic Part of This

1) Have you considered that what you're doing now might have a negative effect on what you've got planned?
A) Not at all.
B) Yeah! I can't help it - it's all going wrong!!
C) Sure, but I don't care
D) That's what money is for, isn't it?
E) No, things are going great for me

2) Have you planned years into your future to ensure peace and happiness?
A) No, that's what my parents are doing.
B) Absolutely! I can't not have a plan!
C) Yeah, I've got it about right (Hopefully)
D) Huh? We're suppose to plan life?!

3) What have you decided to do with your worldly possessions when you die?
Own Answer - I will let my mother decide it, but I would like to have my D40 clung on my neck, my sansa fuze + Bijou4 earphones popped into my ears when I am buried =)

4) From past experiences, how would you describe the opposite gender?
A) They're damn scary, dude! I'm never going near them!
B) They're fine. Unpredictable, but fine.
C) They're crazy, wild and fun! I can't wait to get in the game!!!
D) They're really not that bad. Better than I expected...

5) From past experiences, how would you describe your own gender?
Own Answer - Some of us are plain insanities, some of us are too serious and some of us are friends to be with!

6) In all your time in school, what is the most entertaining thing you have ever seen?
Own Answer - Everyone vandalizing the WHOLE classroom after the last paper of SPM! (pity the pure white wall...)

7) In the past five years, what was the worst thing to happen to you?
Own Answer - My dad went to heaven.

8) In all your years as a student, what was the best thing to ever happen to you?
Own Answer - Similar to the one who tagged me: Get to know some really nice friends, especially her =) Never had an elder sis before XD

9) How would you say your love life has been?
A) Over active. I can't seem to stop. They love me!
B) Dead. Nothing ever happens
C) Alright. Not exactly steady, but I'm getting there.
D) Fantastic! I'm so in love!!!

10) In your own words, your life has been.........
Own Answer - A fantastic hilarious life slipped with tits and bits of tears and cheers!

The Hopeful/Hopeless Part of This

1) What do you hope to achieve?
Own Answer - Perfection.

2) Which of your dreams do you know you can never fulfill?
Own Answer - Become the professor in Harvard.

3) How are you going to attempt to fulfill your dreams?
A) My mom is taking care of that
B) I'm just gonna try my hardest and do my best
C) I'll just relax, and wait for whatever comes my way
D) As long as I have money in my pocket, I can have whatever I want
Own Answer? - Aim at it, SPEED AND RUN!

4) What was your most recent failure?
Own Answer - Failed to crack Nero Burning ROM 9. Still trying.

5) What is your next goal?
Own Answer - Get four flat for my diploma and degree.

6) Do you do more for others or for yourself?
A) For others, because I know they deserve it.
B) For others, because I know I'll benefit from it.
C) For myself, because I know I deserve it.
D) For myself, because others aren't trying as hard
E) For myself, because everyone else is crap
Own Answer? - For everyone who deserves it.

7) What has been your biggest regret to this day?
Own Answer - I am still awake now, and saw this long tag =.= Night stalker, again.

8) What has changed your life profoundly and permanently?
Own Answer - My dad's never-coming-back trip to Heaven.

9) Who has had an undeniable and incomparable effect on your life and who you are?
Own Answer -1st: my mom, 2nd, my ELDER sis (in case you dunno who, pm me secretly =).

10) If you could relive any part of your life, which would it be, and why?
Own Answer - The time I had my great time and memories at MINDA CERIA with Sir and my fellow buddies!

The Outrageous Part of This

1) What kind of drink would you compare yourself to?
A) Soft drinks
B) Milo
C) Alcohol
D) Plain water

2) What time of day would you compare the person who sent this to you to?
A) Dawn
B) Noon
C) Sunset
D) Midnight

3) What was the worst thing you've ever said to someone?
Own Answer - Fuck you, and go fuck your mother please.

4) What was the most absurd present you have ever given someone?
Own Answer - I can't recall, but the first gift I gave to a girl (just happened recently) was a rubik's cube.

5) What was the most absurd present someone ever gave you?
Own Answer - A mini cooper... LOL joking, my D40.

6) What do you intend to do first when you turn 18/21?
A) Drink till you drop
B) Get laid
C) Get a tattoo
D) Drive my father's car into a ditch

7) How would you use your parent's credit card?
A) Spend wisely
B) Buy what I want
C) Payback for all the nagging, punishments and scoldings
D) Spend them into bankruptcy

8) What do you consider the most amazing physical pleasure?
Own Answer - ****ing

9) What do you consider a great pleasure in general?
Own Answer - To love and be loved. Indeed.

10) Do you intend to be a virgin on your wedding night?
A) Yes, of course!
B) Yeah, umm, sure......
C) Nah, no way I'm having my first fuck with a ring on my finger!
D) Depends who I marry.....
E) What?!

The Part of This That is About Your Tagger

1) What do you think of him/her?
A) He/She is OK
B) He/She is such an idiot.
C) He/She is so wonderful!! How did I ever live without him/her??
Own Answer? - A very friendly person =)

2) What animal would you compare him/her to and why?
Own Answer - Can't think of any... except girl.

3) How do you think he/she became the way he/she is now?
Own Answer - I don't know.

4) Do you think he/she deserves what he/she wants or is aiming for?
A) Absolutely. He/She earned it.
B) Yeah, he's/she's certainly good enough if you ask me.
C) Nah, he/she needs to try harder
D) Are you kidding? He/She will never make it!

5) Do you think he/she is attractive?
A) Yeah, he/she looks real good.
B) Umm, he/she is fine.
C) Hell yeah, if he/she weren't my friend, I'd ask for a date!
D) Nah, not for me.

6) Do you know someone who you think might go well with them?
A) Yeah, I've got lots of friends...
B) Yeah, I've planned this for a long time.....
C) No, I can't think of anyone
D) I've never thought of it.

7) How did you meet your tagger?
Own Answer - She was in the same class in Minda Ceria for many years.

8) What was your first impression, and why did you stick with him/her?
Own Answer - Cheerful and friendly!

9) Do you think you know him/her very well?
A) Umm, yeah, I guess
B) Sure, we're good friends
C) Duh, we hang out everyday
D) Yeah, I know him/her inside and out! I love him/her!!

10) What does he/she mostly say to you?
Own Answer? - Eh, JiaTern!

The Hard Part Of This

1) Have you ever fallen for someone you considered a friend?
A) Yes. Who hasn't?
B) Yeah, and I'm kinda ashamed of that.
C) No! I would never see my friends like that!
D) Not really. It was just an infatuation.
E) Yeah, and it worked out! We're dating now.

2) Do you think you would ever date a close friend of yours?
A) Umm, no, we just hang out.
B) Yeah, but only if I get something out of it.
C) Sure, why not? If it's nothing serious.
D) No way! Not even on a dare!

3) What is a common reason of yours for turning down someone?
A) "Umm, you're so not my type."
B) "I don't think we're right together."
C) "I choose who I date, and you're not it."
D) "Sorry, I don't think so."
E) "Are you fucking blind?! Dude, you suck!"
F) "Didn't you ask me two days ago? Again, not gonna happen."
G) "I'm seeing someone, and he/she is a million times better than you."
H) (I've never declined anyone, so I can't answer this question.)

4) Who was the craziest person ever to fall for you? (If any)
Own Answer - T_T

5) To what lengths have you gone to hide from someone?
Own Answer - Blocked him and maki him gaogao for more than a year

6) What has been the most outrageous or extreme thing you have done to impress someone?
Own Answer - SMS confession LOL.

7) At your worst, you consider yourself a .........?
A) A person who make bad decisions.
B) A bitch.
C) I'm never at my worst, I'm always perfect!
D) A sulky, spoilt brat.
Own Answer? -

8) Have you ever been paid to do something for someone else that you normally wouldn't do? (Or if you haven't, would you?)
A) Yeah, I do it all the time.
B) Nah, no one's ever asked me for something like that.
C) Sure, if the money's good and it's not that difficult.
D) No! I won't do anything like that for anyone.
E) Umm, only if the friend who asks is really important to me.

9) Has the opposite gender ever romantically confessed to you?
A) No. I'm somewhat undesireable.
B) Not that I know of./None that I took seriously.
C) Oh, all the time.
D) Yeah, and it was so hilarious.
E) Yes, and I was speechless

10) Has the same gender ever romantically confessed to you?
A) No. Eww, never!
B) Nope, I don't look gay, so no one knows.
C) Yeah, and I really didn't know what to do.
D) Yup, and I was so shocked.
Own Answer? - Yeah, but I couldn't stand it.

11) Which of these places do you consider the most romantic?
A) Restaurant
B) Shopping centre
C) Dance floor/Party environment
D) Kitchen
E) Toilet

12) What is your ideal date?
A) Dinner and a movie
B) Carnival
C) Karaoke and clubbing
D) Pub and hotel sex

13) When do you think is the best time to first kiss?
A) First date.
B) Before saying goodnight on third date.
C) During confession.
D) Wedding day.

14) On your first date, which of these songs would you want to dance to?
A) I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston
B) To Where You Are/ You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban
C) Disturbia by Rihanna
D) It's My Life by Bon Jovi
E) Womanizer by Britney Spears
F) Inside Your Heaven by Carrie Underwood

15) What would your ideal place to propose be?
A) In public, out on the street.
B) In a five-star restaurant, at dinner.
C) In school, in/outside his/her/your classroom.
D) At a concert, on the big screen with a microphone.
E) In private, at her/his/your favourite place.
F) Where you had your first date/first kiss.
G) In front of his/her parents.
H) After a party with all your best friends.
I) In the dark, during a movie

16) Would you give him/her anything as you propose? (Or if you're proposed to, what would the best thing be?)
A) A brand new ring, of course.
B) A necklace or bracelet. She/He/I doesn't/don't wear rings.
C) Nothing. I'll just go on my knee and hold her/his hand. / Nothing, he/she doesn't have to give me anything.
D) Mother's heirloom engagement ring.

17)Would you ask permission to get married? (Either from his/her/your parents)
A) Yeah, it's important they allow it and that I get their blessings.
B) No, it's our decision, whether they like it or not.
C) Hell no! We'll run away together!
D) I guess so. It's better to be safe.

18) In an act of revenge for love, would you kill a close friend?
A) Yes. No one steals from me!
B) Hell yeah! Just because we're close doesn't mean he/she gets to steal my girl/guy.
C) No, it's wrong. If he/she apologizes, I might forgive him/her, but I won't kill him/her if he/she doesn't.
D) No, but I'll beat the crap out of him/her.

19) On your wedding night, will it be......?
A) Contraception. (Married, but don't want kids just yet)
B) No contraception. (Come what may, we're ready for it!)
C) Careful planning. (Don't need any so soon/ See how long we can last until we get kids)
D) Surgery before wedding (Never want children)

20) If you're lying on your death bed before all who you know, what would your last words be?
A) "Take care of each other, you'll never know when your time comes."
B) "Live and love to the fullest, 'cause you only life once."
C) "Goodbye, cruel world!!!"
D) "See you in hell, you sons of bitches!!!! Fuck you all!!!"
Own Answer? - "Itakimasu~ Bye bye~"

The Part of This That Involves Your Friends

Choose 7 people to be a part of this next bit. For a better effect, please do not read the questions below to arrange the people accordingly. They may preferably be people you know very personally, and perhaps someone who you've tagged in turn.

1. Vayne
2. Boey
3. Chery
4. Jason
5. Philip
6. KF
7. Zhoy

Very good, now you may begin to answer the questions.
If AND ONLY if you have re-tagged your tagger, you may reshuffle the following ten questions to give them a bit of a twist the next time they answer. And if you are answering these questions for a second time, you may NOT keep the order in which you have arranged the 7 names. There have to be AT LEAST 3 changes everytime you answer.

1) How old is 7?
Own Answer - 18 and 1 month

2) Would you say 3 and 6 are close?
A) Not really. I don't see them hang out a lot.
B) Yeah, about as close as I am with them.
C) Yup, they're always together.
D) No, they don't even know each other.
Own Answer? -

3) How is 1 related to 5?
A) No relation.
B) Friends of friends.
C) Good friends.
D) They hate each other.

4) What is the most common thing 2 says to you?
Own Answer - Wai~ Wake up!!!!!

5) Do you know if 4 is seeing anyone?
A) Yes. She/He tells me everything.
B) Yeah. It's me!
C) Nope. She/He is kinda secretive about that.
D) Nah, I don't ask, and he/she doesn't gloat.

6) What is 3's best trait?
A) Very good looking.
B) Sweet.
C) Great listener.
D) Amazing sense of humour.
E) Loyal.
F) Open-minded.
G) Smart.

7) Who has the best chances of getting together? (From the way things are right now)
A) 1 and 6
B) 3 and 7
C) 2 and 5
D) 4 and myself
E) 3 and myself
F) 4 and 7
G) 1 and 2
H) 3 and 6
E) None of the above..

8) What is the best thing 1 has ever done for you?
A) Given you a lot of money as a present.
B) Bought you something you've wanted for a really long time.
C) Hugged you and let you cry in their shoulder.
D) Helped you do something important
Own Answer? - Nothing practical (share songs?) but being a very good friend to be with!

9) What is the key thing that can help you remember 6 after twenty years?
Own Answer - Gayness/Sissiness.

10) Has 3 ever done something for you that you will never forget?
A) Yeah, and I'm forever grateful.
B) Duh! He/She is my boy/girlfriend!
C) Nope, but he/she is still great.
D) No, but it doesn't matter, because I'll remember him/her anyway.

11) Has 7?
A) Absolutely. We're best friends!!
B) Sure, and I've done stuff for him/her too.
C) No, we aren't that close.
D) No, but we're still awesome.
E) Yeah, well, as close as we are, we haven't seen each other very much lately, unfortunately. Busy, own schedules and all.

12) Which of these is most likely to become famous?
A) 2
B) 3
C) 5
D) 7

13) Which of these is most likely to die first?
A) 1
B) 2
C) 4
D) 7

14) Which of these is most likely to get married first?
A) 3
B) 4
C) 6
D) Me!
E) 1

15) Who has been mistaken as your boy/girlfriend the most? (Or who have you been mistaken to be the boy/girlfriend of?)
A) 1
B) 2
C) 3
D) 4
E) 5
F) 6
G) 7
H) None. Fortunately, people don't see us that way.

16) Have 4's parents ever complimented you?
A) Yeah.
B) Nope, they're snobs.
C) No, I don't see them that often.
D) Yup, quite a lot actually.

17) What do you have most in common with 1?
A) Same school/class.
B) Same music interests.
C) Same romantic interest.
D) Same food interests.
Own Answer? - Same school/class, like old songs too! And likes girl hunting XD

18) To what length's would you go to save 7's life?
A) Kill myself.
B) Kill someone else.
C) Give away everything I have.
D) Cut off my arm.
E) Lose my virginity.
F)Ah, let him/her die. We're not that close.

19) Have you ever lied to 5?
A) No! I would never!
B) No. I don't have to.
C) Yeah, a lot, actually.
D) Yup, but just white lies.

20) What is the biggest change that 2 has made in your life?
A) Given me a new outlook on life.
B) Made me see things his/her way.
C) Made me laugh more than I can make myself.
D) Showed me things no one else could.
Own Answer? - Yeah C and D and, Changed my character totally, and my future completely. This is NOT a joke.

21) What is the most unlikely thing you have done with 3 that you don't do with any of the others?
A) Hugged.
B) Made out / Kissed.
C) Held hands.
D) Had sex.
Own answer? - None

22) Do you frequently contact 4?
A) Yeah, I see him/her almost every day.
B) Yup, we message whenever we can.
C) No, not that often, but I do.
D) Nah, only if we have something to talk about.
E) See in school/any other place

23) If you had one last day with 6, what would you do?
A) Whatever we feel like doing at the time.
B) Relax at some holiday retreat.
C) Go on a date, and make out like crazy.
Own Answer ? - Tell her him to miss me!

24) If you had to say goodbye to 2 today, what would you say?
Own Answer - Don't leave me, ok? / Let me go with you.

25) In a word, describe 5.
A) Attractive.
B) Intelligent.
C) Streetwise.
D) Retarded.
E) Funny.

26) What do 2 and 5 have in common, and what is their major difference?
Own Answer - They're both good friends. 2 is female and 5 is male XD

27) If you had to recommend 6 to 2, how would you say it in ONE sentence?
Own Answer - KF, dig a hole in the wall and... You know what to do.

28) What is the next big thing you have planned with 1?
A) Go shopping.
B) Go on a date.
C) Nothing. We do things when we feel like doing them.
D) We're getting married!!!
E) A friend's birthday party.

29) What is the funniest thing 1,3, and 6 have in common?
A) They're guys/girls
B) They're in love with the same person
C) They're a threesome.
Own Answer? - They're human XD

30) Which one from 1 - 7 do you think would be best for you, and why?
The Number - 2
A) The rest are guys/girls
B) The rest are homo.
C) I'M homo!!
D) We're together right now.
E) He/She asked me before.
F) He/She is sitting next to me right now, and I don't dare select anyone else.
G) The others aren't my type. (He/She isn't either, but he/she is the closest one compared to them)
H) I've never met anyone quite like that.
I) It's something unexplainable

This last question requires a pair of dice or a person to say a random number from 1 -7. Roll them/ ask the person the number before you read and answer the question.

31) The number is the person with whom (among the 7 people) you get you spend the rest of your life. Type the number, and the first 15 words you said/thought from when you found out the number.
Own Answer - 2. (No such need for us to speak and yet we understand what's in the another's heart. No answer for this)

Thank you for completing this questionaire. Now, it's your turn. You have two choices - you may contribute to it by adding your own question in any which category you choose. Make it known by highlighting it, and don't forget to un-highlight the new question before yours. Of course, if you feel this questionaire is too long already, you may choose not to add any question. OR, you may make it exclusive, and send only ONE question back to the person who sent this to you. That person would then have to post the question and their answer on their blog for all to see. Note, this question would not be added to the official list of questions. However, if you choose this, the person you who sent you this will HAVE to answer it.

17 May 2009

Photo: The Gundam model

2009-05-18 12.56am: *Just watched Ouran High School Host Club 1st episode, felt so GAY =.=

Ok this is the so-called-limited-to-first-200-visitors-only-GUNDAM-kit I got yesterday at C2AGE. I assembled it very fast, since there's not many components. It's a very small gundam actually, not even 15cm tall. But it's free, what do I expect...

After assembling it I gave it a snap, here's the outcome.

this is how I captured it~


16 May 2009

C2AGE @ HELP University College

[Beware of heavy images]
Today together with a few of my secondary school friends we went to the Cosplay, Comics, Anime and Games Exhibition (C2AGE) held at the HELP University College where Kuro is pursuing his foundation. I knew his event from Hui Chi, who's studying there too, and I bought 3 tickets from her XD

I stayed overnight at Jason's house yesterday and this morning we fetched Maba and Zhi-Heng from their house and Chi-Hong from Jusco Maluri. The event should be starting at 11am but we went at 8am =.= We reached there at about 8.30am T_T to get the so-called-limited-to-first-200-visitors-only-GUNDAM-Kit... We saw no visitor but only the students from HELP college busying here and there.

Headed to McD for breakfast (I hate McD ok but I had no choice) and then got our gundam kit =.= What a cheap one, I thought can get Master Grade LOL~ Packaged in a plastic bag... But still BANDAI lah, not ayam brand or capalang brand. Inside the paper bag there's a copy of PC Gamer and 2 other magazines, as well as a Steps poster. Nothing fancy, by the way at 11.30am there's no 200 visitors yet.

Before the opening ceremony we went into the game tournament room and saw only 3 fellas inside. I played the Guitar Hero (PS2) game with the "guitar joypad" and it was... Erm... Funny haha~ Not really easy to control! There's a PS 3 there with pirated controllers (even though it's wireless, still it's pirated) and only one game which is Street Fighter. I don't know what version, don't ask me.

Sooi Keong was indulging in the world of Rock and Roll!
*Overexposed due to direct harsh flash (forgot to bounce), adjusted the levels.

The opening ceremony began after half an hour, I think. There were some people giving his or her speech, and there was a 62 years old Japanese uncle giving his speech. Amazingly he only looks like 50+, and he can speak English and BAHASA MELAYU quite fluently. Amazing lol. Nihon spirit desu! What caught my attention wasn't him actually, is the leng lui near to him.

Not his wife la, she is Hannah Tan, she is one of Malaysia's sexiest celebrities, and FHM magazine rated her as Malaysia's sexiest celebrity. She is also the ambassador Animax-Asia, and she has a really body =X... Deep cleavage O.O

Here's her pic, I managed to grab this while she was smiling heartily.
I not so sooi until go capture her longkang when she was bowing weyyy... Photographing also got moral ok?

She is a cheerful and sexy lady and she "lured" the Japanese uncle, who was very friendly, to sing a MALAY SONG WTF. Frankly, he sang very well and I could say even better than Malays singing that song XD! Then both of them sang "Memory" together, and her voice is fantastic too. Haha!
*I didn't know who is her till today, I googled Hannah Tan and there are tonnes of pics and websites about her. Wow I thought she's a kelefeh... OMG! Famous celebrity! Most importantly, Malaysia's SEXIEST celebrity! OMFG!

Ok, then the C2AGE had officially launched after the Japanese uncle did something to a small robot thingy and a music was heard. Cosplays were strolling everywhere, although some are really UNSIGHTLY. Don't expect to see the UNSIGHTLY cosplays here, they pissed me off. Can you really imagine Sheryl Nome in Macross Frontier is a 3x years old aunty (or maybe 28+) and FAT? FAT, I mean, FAT! Urgh.

A quarter of the total cosplays. There are more appearing later like Naruto and Kakashi.
Can you see Dante from Devil May Cry? The white-haired guy beside the sword. And the Sheryl I told ya is the one with orangy-pink hair. Fugly.

Kamesenyin! Very alike and funny hahaha~ The most successful cosplay today~

Kakashi in motion. Looks very alike with the real Kakashi too. Notice there are other DSLR holders too.

... This is SORA in Final Form from Kingdom Hearts 2. WTH an Indian and no spiky hair. Nonetheless his costume and weapon is very similar to the original one.

While I was taking photos some of my friends strolled around the exhibition. There are some stalls selling DVD, manga, figures (especially Gundam) and other fan stuff. Nothing special actually, nothing really caught my attention. Lets skip this ok!

We went back to the game tournament hall to take part in the Street Fighter contest. I almost forgot I registered when I arrived that time. I watched the match between Jason and Chi-Hong, the latter got beaten teruk-ly. My name was called about 15 minutes later, without any experience playing this new Street Fighter I lose to a guy. But that's not embarrassing me, since I didn't let him PERFECT me. His HP was quite low when he defeated my Chun-Li ok. Some people even gave their precious applause when I successfully used the fast-and-flashy-kicks of Chun-Li.

There were other games and activities such as anime songs guessing contest and anime drawing contest. Mong Shyang, Chrismen and Wai Hong (Sooi Keong's brother) took part in it. The result of the contest was announced at the very end of the exhibition but sadly their masterpieces weren't chosen as the winner. The names of the winner were announced but we weren't told which piece of work is which ones.

If I am correct this is the champion's masterpiece. WARNING: CONTAINS ECCHI CONTENT. NOT SUITABLE FOR UNDER 15.*censored for good, too embarrassing for the viewers.
I guess it won because most voters are guys and most guys are very hamsap lol. HENTAI DESU~~~ To avoid my page to become extremely lag when loading pics I am not showing other masterpieces, forgive me. Contact me if you want to see.

While waiting for Chrismen and Wai Hong to hand up their masterpiece, I took our future PM's photo. Here is it. Long live maba! Please become PM and save us T_T I don't want C4 to RULE BOLEHLAND AHHHH~
Again, contact me via MSN if you still DUNNOE who is C4. *Sensitive issue, AHEM*

Hmm actually before the results of the contests were announced we spotted some not-for-sell figures there. I captured some as I am a macro+figure lover. Here you go.

Suzumiya Haruhi's figurine

Mikuru-chan! From the Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi too~

Before we went back we received another plastic bag with goods. I got a large poster of Harry Potter 6 and another copy of PC Games magazine.

Home sweet home, I love you my pc and my blog =)
P/S: C2AGE, please select physically better students for cosplays next time. Thanks =)

15 May 2009

One HDR trial

Here's my recent HDR pic processed on the Muar scenery photo.

For those who don't know what is HDR yet, visit my previous post on HDR. My previous HDR was a failure and I hope this is better =) CnC are welcome.

13 May 2009

Bowling @ Time Square

Yesterday night in MSN Zhoy and Maba asked Pat and I to go out "hang gai", they didn't tell me the exact location and they said we MIGHT go to Time Square. Having nothing to do (curse me for my hyper extra time if you insist) I agreed and met with them at Steven's Corner Pandan Indah (our 老地方) and then =.= headed to Time Square via U31 bus...

On the way I was told by dunno Maba or Zhoy that we're going to play bowling today...=.= Wtf I wore a pair of slippers instead of sneakers. And of course no socks also. As we would be meeting up with Pat in Pudu so I borrowed a pair of socks from him.

If I recall correctly the last time I played bowling was Form 1 or Form 2. 4 years no practise =.=

Here come's the photos. Forgive me for harsh flash or underexposed pics. I didn't bring my flash gun today but I Lightroom™-ed + PS-ed them to adjust the exposure, levels and sort. C&C are welcomed =)

Bowling balls~ (Do people call them "balls" or there's other term? Correct me if you know, thanks!)

I don't know who took this picture of mine, I guess Zhi Heng did this. Don't blame the misfocus and blurring, it's not his fault...BTW, this shot's quite special XD
...Because it's me inside! Haha! (looks more like single-handed kamekameha =.='')

Zhoy's funny strike. It stroke a Strike lol.BTW he was the topscorer today T_T

Zhi-Heng aka Shit0 fed up due to that not-striking-a-strike trial. Looks upset from behind haha even though he wasn't XP

Azzuween aka Maba's shot. Almost every shot of him is identical...

Pat's Slow-Mo™ attack. One of the Slow-Mo™s stroke a strike wtf...

We played 4 rounds with only RM12 per pax, since we were early birds! We gambled (polis kata jangan!) and we achieved a consensus that in each game the 2 losers with lowest points will need to treat the winner drinks. Out of four games, I lose twice T_T Maba and Pat too! Zhoy was the overall champion while Shit0 was the runner-up. We ended up treating 2 of them in McDonald's T_T

BTW I met Leo aka Wen Pul there with his college friends. He laughed at me for my noob skills and claimed "What to do... I am so pro =.=" He said (in MSN) his GF was there too but I didn't spot any leng lui T_T Don't kill me if you see this! Ok la, I did spot some school girls =)

Then we long gai in TS and then Sg Wang and then back to TS, then took U31 back home. Before that I managed to grab a shot of the scene. Here you go.

That's all for today. I hope you don't mind if the photos are loading slow, but with streamyx 512kbps package here and the photos uploaded on Flickr, I think it won't take too long to load, unless...Haha you know la...YOUR PC SUCKS!

Again I would like to remind my dear readers (although not many), please use any other browser (like Firefox GoogleChrome Opera etc) but Internet Explorer to view my blog, as IE sucks big time and it's not suitable for my template. Don't believe? Compare them, K?

Ja~ Itakimasu~

12 May 2009


很久没有认真写blog了,会不会觉得我很多Post都是借题发挥,随便放几张照片或者视频就交差?没办法...难道这就是所谓的江郎才尽T_T 还有整一个月半才开学,我不写些东西我不是闷死就是头脑生锈致死!还有我很久没有用华文来写blog了~~


还没开学,所以还是宅男一名。黯淡的家居生活中难免缺乏一点刺激和起起落落,所以有时无聊的我还是会跟朋友一起去打球、游泳、看戏~其实说真的,中学朋友始终是比较熟的朋友(废话)...劳动节那天小学六年级G班有一个聚会,由于需要回去麻坡所以我去不到。I couldn't make it, not I didn't want to make it!

通过Niico紫莹(我还记得XD)的部落格我看到那天的照片,我哇了一下,林骏康怎么变了这么多啊==以前他还是那种圆圆botak头,现在好像rock band(比rocker还厉害的头我跟你讲)的那种头发!用用蔡屎炮的名句:‘令伯无甲你骗’,不信我去偷张照片给你看!

Pic Stealing In Progress.... 15%

Pic Stealing In Progress.... 50%

Pic Stealing In Progress.... 99%


ERROR 401: PicStealer.exe is corrupt. Please reinstall PicStealer 0.80.




不要吓倒哦!Comments and Criticisms (CnC) are welcomed.

Saw some old Mini one the way to Muar.

Some more. Sorry for the cropped head.

Just crossed the Muar bridge...

Old style Muar street...

My 1-year-old cousin =) Cute ma?

好了好了,要走了=) 88~

11 May 2009

Tagged by M-o-n-g


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - — - - - - - - –

1.我的大名: JiaTern aka Zell/Yuji




5.生日想要得到什麼禮物:Mini Cooper






11.跟誰出去最好玩:自己XD 哈哈当然是一大班朋友咯!



14.聖誕節要做啥 : 在家烤火鸡请圣诞老人吃

15.最想跟誰過聖誕節:一大班朋友~ 和家人~ 然后和[未来]女友坐在一旁



18.最喜歡的一只歌(女生的):First Love- Hikaru/ I remember you- YUI/Sky chord-Tsuji Shion (对不起啦!)






24.最想大聲說什麼? : Eee.... YO WA SHIOK!!!!!!






30.現在的時間 : 00.52








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1. Jason-kun
2. Vayne
3. Chery
4. Pat
5. Philip
6. M-o-n-g
7. Zhoy
8. Kar Foo
9. Sze Theng
10. Eden

01-【4號認識6號嗎】: 是


03-【 8號的興趣是】:无聊-ing









12-【5號读哪呢】:VI, KL

13-【你怎麼認識10號的】: 中学旧朋友




17-【你喜歡和3號在一起嗎】: ...... *Blush* LOL很少见面



20-【你愛5號嗎】:No fuck.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - — - - - - - - –








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*你想去的國家:Japan, UK, Taiwan, Hawaii, Venice, Australia

*你討厭什麼樣的個性:Lan C Lan Yong





*今天的天氣是(晴 雨 陰):阴










*房間裡最重要的東西是什麼:我自己、电脑、电话、相机、Mp3 Player、回忆


*男人精神出軌要不要原諒他:要,如果只有一次!女生也会的啊~(就是kap lui/kap zai,或者心里还有别人可是没有真正的行动)








*IQ/EQ哪一个比较高?:IQ 170, EQ 满分哈哈


*比较喜欢睡觉还是玩?: 玩到电池剩0然后自动睡着

*Friendster 还是Facebook ? :两个都不玩,我blog。



*If you just leave 1 minute..what you’ll do?? :发呆






*如果你是神,才你会让什么事情发生?:大唱Diamond Crevasse 。。Kamisama ni... Koiwoshiteta korowa.... WOOT!


*Add your own question (1) above this and highlight it with RED!!!!!!! And answer it yourself. The next one shall answer it too and add another question.

*Stop this tag?(dont tag anybody if you choose "YES";otherwise,"NO") :NO! The legend shall continue...


10 May 2009

YUI - I Remember You (Acoustic Ver.)

Well you know I've deeply addicted to J songs, especially japanese female vocals with voice similar to YUI. YUI, full name Yoshioka Yui, is a japanese singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and actress (Info from Wikipedia). She has released a total of 4 albums to date, and the newest one is My Short Stories which was released in 2008.

One of my favorite songs of YUI is I Remember You (and that's my blog's BGM if you noticed)!! Her voice is very unique and I never heard such beautiful and tranquilizing voice before. Here's a video I G-ed in Youtube.

You noticed she's not very pretty right? That's not the matter, since 实力派 is all I like =)
Enjoy the song as well as the video, as I know most of you muted your speaker when you visit my blog. Listen it once, you might like it~

06 May 2009

WTF is CGPA?!!

Note: I've refurbished my blog! BEST VIEWED with Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. Not suitable for any version of IE. Thanks!

I did some researches about the diploma I'm going to pursue and I was ... shocked =.= Not yo wa shiok >.<

Unlike secondary schools, in universities/colleges there's this grade system called CGPA (culumative grade point average) and it's not as simple as A, B, C nor A1, A2, B3, B4. I bet most of you who are reading this now might have already known wth is CGPA but just listen to me bragging here ok? I'm kinda emo and bored >.<

The point for each grade is different (of course different la =.=)!
A+ (90~100) : 4.0
A (80~89) : 4.0
A- (75~79) : 3.7
B+ (70~74) : 3.33

See how close is A, A- and B+? And the point for these grades has big difference. How to actually calculate CGPA? The formula is this:
[ total of (Credit hours x Scores)] / Total credit hours

Example: 1st result you get is (refer to chart above):
A for 4 credit hours subject
A- for 3 credit hours subject
B+ for 4 credit hours subject
CGPA=(4x4 + 3.7x3 + 3.33x4)/11=3.67

そか... So this means, if you are aiming for four-flat (4.00 CGPA) and if you get one A- or worse, you can say sayonara to your four flat. Thinking of resit the exam? It's a no-go. Resitting it with an A doesn't help much; it does increase your CGPA, but only very little because as you reit for it your credit hours increase too. Thinking of work harder and strive for it gao gao in the second year? Regret ba... The CGPA is cumulative throughout your degree (in my case it's diploma) since the very first time you take your exam during the first year. Scary? Indeed.

And the news I received from a lecturer in UTM who is currently pursuing his PhD in UK (he's a lowyat forumer BTW), UTM's degree places are limited. Which means, after I've completed my diploma, 
I am not secured a place for degree. 

I need to fight for it. 

Let say there's 300 places for degree, and my score (let say it's 3.4 and BTW 3.4 is damn low and I swear I must strive for a 3.8 at least) is not in the top 300, I might, most probably, lost the chance to continue my degree.

Got it? Having said that, in order to get a place in degree, I need to maintain my CGPA at least 3.7~3.8. I know it's difficult since I seldom achieved A1 in physics during my sec school, but what to do? My future's awaiting! So as Shana! LMAO...

P/S: Damn emo, the one who wrote this post wants to get four flat and yet he's downloading lots of anime to watch =.= Someone give him a heavy slap? With tuna perhaps?
P/P/S: I'd prefer being splashed with 7-up >.<>

05 May 2009

It's late now T_T

It's 1.44am... Got to go to bed~ Yawn yawn~
Shana wants to say good night to you... Oyasumi!

03 May 2009

UPU result is OUT!

And well, the UPU result was announced on the Labour Day. Hoping to enter local government university is always one of my dreams (in fact there are greater and stingier dreams so this is considered a minor one as well) and now I am finally granted the wish.

For your information UPU stands for ... Err... Sorry neither do I know... I only know it's called "Kemasukan ke IPTA" in Malay. Fuck that Malay Languange, but luckily A2 for Malay still granted me an offer.

Erm I am sure some of you might not have heard UPU before, and is wondering "WTF is UPU and why the hell I wasn't informed about this before?" but don't blame me for not telling you =.= I applied this UPU just ONE DAY before SPM (10th of November) and due to the combo SPM attacks unleashed by the Ministry of Education, aka the History+Malay combo I forgot to inform my fellow friends. And if I am not mistaken I applied it nearly at the deadline... So... Don't say I'm kedekut or whatsoever T_T

Erm hehe actually I have had a savior, she's my dear sis (not the younger one fuck you) Boey who informed me about this UPU. Thanks, I really appreciate your kindness for telling me this and this might change my life forever. Hmm yeah. If you didn't tell me about this I bet I am wondering "WTF is UPU?" too.

She's in NS now and will be back in a week's time!
Do you know I miss you so~~
Oh tell me please I gotta know~

Ok back to the topic. My first choice of course and university, Diploma of Mechanical Engineering at UTM is offered to me. (I'm not boasting here ok I am just sharing with you all... Since I can't afford private colleges T_T)

So I am accepting this offer and will confirm it before 10th of May. The offer letter will be sent to me on the 4th, so I can't do anything now except blogging surfing camwhoring and indulging in Nihon musics XD.

Hmm... I will be gone on the 28th of June IF JPA is turning me down. Okay I am not putting much hope on JPA scholarship since I've already got this UTM offer but aiming for the higher target isn't a crime right...

So that means I will have almost 2 more months of kononnya luxury holidays and then I will be leaving for UTM Skudai Campus in JB (or Batu Pahat campus) in 27th or 28th June. And that means you might not be able to see me anymore in the following 6 years (or maybe 9 years if I am capable to take up Master and/or PhD. wtf)... LOL I doubt anyone will miss me gaogao T_T

Dear will you?

But of course I'm not imprisoned in UTM larr! I will have holidays man... Please pray for me not to have any babies before I graduated XD!!! Oh okay this is too far. Come back!

I know most if not some of you have already started your college life and are pretty busy in your studies and you won't be bothering where the hell am I going and when the hell am I coming back, aren't you? Oh c'mmon Yuji don't be so pessimistic and stop the Yuji thingy please Yuji =.=
*Deeply addicted to Shana XD

Hmm, looks like there's no much time left for you and me to meet or have any gathering. I hope after 6 years none of you will forget me, JiaTern or Zell or Yuji or Whatever-you-named-me, and hey! I'm damn serious, stop laughing! Hmm, just add me if you haven't, jiatern@gmail.com or msn me for my hp number~ BTW my hp number is so weird but easy to memorize, if you have a dirty-minded mind.

Okay la, I'm not going to die man, keep in touch yea~Hmm wait, Shana has something to tell you all...
Ahaha that's my latest Nendoroid Shana photo... XD...
P/S: Zhoy's birthday photo and my muar photos will be procrastinated.

So... No need miss me now T_T