25 June 2009


Hmm, guys, sorry for neglecting my blog for such a long time. It has been quite long since my previous update.

For months, to be precise, 7 months, I've been slacking at home doing NONSENSE, without mentioning I've quit my job at a semi-famous cafe after February. From time to time, I've gained a lot and I've lost quite much. Slacking at home isn't something easy you know. There are sacrifices.

I've gained... Erm... Experience in photography perhaps? One DSLR and a lappy? One Mp3 player? More than 20 unwatched anime? 4 Unread books? More than 6000 unlistened J-pop songs? Laziness? Dizziness? Boredom? FREEDOM? INSANITY?!

I've lost... 3kg? the whole DOWNLOAD folder by accident? "Otak yang cergas"? My mind? My SOUL? HUMANITY? sheesh.


My university life at UTM KL City Campus will start, real soon, in the coming Sunday.
Sunday is the registration day for my diploma in mech eng. That's the end of everything, and the beginning of one thing. My journey. Of Life.

*Oh wait wait lemme talk about something before I continue this depressing story.
Being an ALL IT Hypermarket loyal customer @ Lowyat, my lappy and the accessories were finally purchased from there too. The price is reasonable, not to mention the service of the staffs, the easy warranty and free gifts. And hey, I've joined the memberclub.

And after Jason bought his 640GB HDD and something else (and I handed the cashier MY member card since Jason doesn't have one) I've gained enough points to redeem something. Ended up redeeming this little kawaii pouch.
Do you know this small thingy originally costs Rm34.90? but I got it for free lah. Much smaller to my thought, but it fits in my sansa fuze firmly and steadily, and no more worries when I accidentaly dropped my mp3 on the floor. Haha now only you know I like weird things? I'm so self-contented.

Ok back to topic then.

I'm leaving.
I will stay at UTM's hostel during weekdays since it's compulsory for 1st year students to stay, and it's convenient too. During weekends I will come back home, but it depends. If I'm busy I might not come back. But of course I will come back to get my camera bag and my lappy. No internet no life man, I wonder the wifi there will be decent or not.

In the following week (or weeks),
no more online...
no more cubing...

Although I've neglected my 4x4x4 eastsheen.
Kept playing 2x2x2 till mad. And yet PB only 5.10 seconds. Now Jason can easily solve 4x4x4 in a sub 2min 30sec, and I'm still stuck at 3min +.

And I still have 4 Jeffrey Archers untouched. Bought 2nd hand, all for RM50. Great deal, but 7 months holiday made me rot.

Guess I will read in my hostel, out of nothing can be done.

Farewell guys, do miss me or drop me a msg in my blog.
I'm coming back, but not too soon. And therefore, my blog will be dead for few weeks..

Goodbye my room.

16 June 2009

Cameron Highlands trip 2009 Part 1

Oops sorry I have totally neglected my blog!!
Was busy post processing the photos!
Till now!

UPDATED WITH PICS, as promised.
#1 A HDR of the scenery of tea farm.
#2 Another HDR.
#3 Another.
#4 My chubby and kawaii cousin!
#5 My aunt and my cousin.(not my cousin's mum, this is another aunt)
#6 Nostalgic effect? no?
#7 I like this shot.
#8 Valen wanted it to wilt, as there's one fallen petal. Photoshopped.
#9 An "outstanding" leaf.
#10 Macro flower again.

More photos here:

Comments and critics are welcome!

09 June 2009

Tagged by Sze Theng #1

Tagged by : Sze Theng~

1. Besides your lips , where is the favourite spot to get kissed ?
Neck, no offence sze theng...

2. How did you feel when you woke up this MORNING ?
Still dizzy >.<

3. Who was the last person / people you took a photo WITH ?
No idea, I shoot photo, I seldom being shot.

4. Would you consider yourself SPOILED ?
Not at all.

5. Will you ever donate BLOOD ?
If I have the opportunity, why not?

6. Have you ever had a best friend who was of the opposite SEX ?

7. Do you want someone to be DEAD ?
Not really...

8. What does your last text message SAY?
不行,明早我要早起床 @.@

9. What are you thinking about right NOW ?
What's the next question jek...

1o. Do you want someone to be with you right NOW ?
No, I hope to be alone now.

11. What was the time you went to bed last night ?

12. Where did you buy the tee you are wearing now ?
Perhaps pasar malam.

13. Is someone on your mind right NOW ?

14. Who was the last person who text YOU ?

TEN Lucky Person to do this quiz .
1. Jason
2. Vayne
3. Chery
4. Pat
5. Meng Hui
6. Zi Yin
7. Philip
8. Mong
9. Mei Xi@n
10. Bear²

15. Who is no.2 having a relationship WITH ?
Not even one before 2010...

16. Is no.3 a male or a FEMALE ?
A female in her college life...

17. If no.7 and no.1 get TOGETHER , would it be a good ?
Not really, 道不同不相为谋...

18. What is no.1 studying?
A level @ TARC

19. When was the last time you chatted with THEM ?
5 min ago.

20. IS no.4 SINGLE ?

21. Say something about no.2.
*Speechless* Like xiao 7 very much, ManUtd freak, music genius.

22. What do you think about no.3 & no.6 being TOGETHER ?
Frenz IMO.

23. Describe no.9
Lol I still remember her glasses XD

24 . What will you do if no.6 and no.7 FIGHT ?
Laugh gg.

25 . Do you like no.8 ?
Yeah he's very cute and chubby hahax

More tags to come T.T

03 June 2009

Gundam OO & Sangoku-Den Model Kit Challenge

Hmm, so I went Sungei Wang with Jason-kun and SK for this Gundam OO & Sangoku-Den Model Kit Challenge 2009. It's held between 29th May to 4th June this year, and today is the 3rd of June already.

Of course I went there for photoshooting, not to participate or what. Erm, most gundam kits there are CUSTOM MADE, not out of the box. Details will be updated later (or never, perhaps, since I'm so busy T.T)!

UPDATE: The Photos.

A Mazda MX-5 seen in Time Square for display. Nice car ^.^
Mazda MX-5
Jason was browsing the Anime DVDs. I bought one too =)
Classic DVD shop with Jason
Shin Musha Gundam
Shin Musha Gundam
The Gundam onwards I dunnoe the name... Just enjoice bah...
Gundam #2
Gundam #5
Gundam #1
Gundam #3
Gundam #4

That's all the presentable ones. Others are too "good" to be true.
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P/S: Jason, are you poisoned by DSLR now? D90 XD