31 July 2009

About the photos...

... of the Birthday parties (those involved will know which I'm referring to), sorry I have yet to process them and upload them, because the wifi here is under maintenance and I have no extra time to process them...

.. with my assignments on my shoulders...

I'm posting this in the makmal computer, so I guess the photos might be up next week but not now..

Sorry for being so slow and don't blame me T_T


11 July 2009

Review: Kata DR-467 Bag

Wee~ Just got my new Kata DR-467 bag today afternoon!
Bought from dadarouch in LYN Forum for a very reasonable price, cheaper than retail price!

Here's a short review on this piece of convenient and multifunctional bag by Kata.
(Real short, to be precise this is a photo review)

Stylish front look, yet it doesn't tell the robbers "hey! I carry DSLR and laptop!"
Side angle
The Kata logo

Here comes the more important part... The camera compartment!
The camera compartment, to my surprise, is larger than what I have anticipated.
It can easily fit my D40 with kit lens mounted steadily and firmly in the center part, and my Nission Di622 can just fit into the top-left compartment nicely. And I have plenty of blank slots for other use! It will be very useful if I'm going to welcome some new lenses to my lens family. Moreover, the whole camera compartment (the yellow soft box inside) can be taken off so that it becomes a normal backpack. The padded dividers can be attached or detached from the softbox, providing maximum flexibility for different users, even those who are using big FF DSLR like Nikon D3X.

The top compartment is the accessories compartment, it's not large enough to stuff some text books or magazines inside, but it's pretty convenient to carry my gadgets like my external HDD, laptop charger, mp3 player, handphone etc.

The pop-out net pocket at the bottom right of the bag can be used to carry small water bottle or you can fit a Ridsect into it, no problem at all.

Or you can stuff a small tripod with only one of its legs inserted, with the aid of the strap above.

Finally, the comfortable padding of the shoulder straps. It's very well made and it gives me a feeling that it won't break that easily - providing a more secure protection to my gears.

Ahh, I have forgotten the laptop compartment! Saw the zip below the shoulder straps? It's the laptop compartment, can fit one laptop with maximum size of 17". I didn't take photo for that, sorry.

Overall, Kata DR-467 is a user-friendly and multifunctional backpack, not forgetting the lifetime warranty given after registering the product online.

06 July 2009

UTM wifi speed [updated]

(updated part is at the bottom of this post)

I've tried UTM KL hostel wifi speed, at first I tested in my room.
The connection was sucking and still sucking like hell, out of 20 times connecting only once is successful. The story didn't end, accessing Google need about 5 minutes. Download speed is about 1~3kbps.

I was like.. WTF?

Then after the fuss I decided to go down to the canteen area as I always see many seniors online there. Surprisingly, there's a strong wifi spot there, 5 bars, and the speedtest result is like below:

Luckily the speed is around the same with streamyx 66 (the speed at home) and I can still download at around 55~65kbps. Not godlike speed but sufficient for basic surfing and downloading.

BTW today is my 1st day having classes at UTM, my 1st class started at 9.00am with Physics. The physics lecturer is a female, she's very kind and approachable, and we enjoyed a happy 2 hours with her. And she introduced us a Physics textbook, written by a American professor, and it costs RM70... Arghhh my tight pocket is going to be tighter...

The physics class should end at 10.50am but she let us go at 10.35am. Then I loitered around the campus and at 10.50 I entered DK 4 for my Geometry and Trigonometry class. The lecturer is a male lecturer now, he looks a little bit fierce initially but after having a short session with him he is actually far more friendly than what I've expected.

The book for Geo&Trigo is very thin and small, more like a small exercise book, but he said there's no English versin YET. That means I'm going to learn all these trigo thingies in BM, holy...

We had our attendance taken by signing our signature on the name list... Passing up a small piece of paper written our SPM math and add math result etc... Then... Class was dismissed after 25 minutes of "lecture". WTF?

The class should end at 12.50pm, but he let us go at 11.20am, and he said this week will have no class at all, so you all need not to attend the class on this Friday.

I guess this is what we call University, LOL.

Patrick has had a new target, a girl whose bag is black-green and with specs. He became a coward when he's going to "confess", of course he didn't make it. I stayed behind him, only to have a peek on my darling the girl I've described 2 posts earlier. I didn't realized her utter prettiness when she's on her OL costume. And she looks tall for me, but of course I didn't measure lah!

People is 20 years old... Taller than you is nothing more than natural >.<


I've got something wrong. I didn't mention that I'll need to login at UTM wifi website before I can gain full access to the internet? Ok. At first I was logging into MY account, which has the speed as above, around 60kbps speed for direct download.

But, there's a testing account for new users to login first, so that they can take time register their own account without being disconnected. However, the testing account can be used for 5 minutes, and then you can't surf the web anymore.

Today I tried logging into the test account, and... WTF! My download speed has boosted to a maximum of 560+ kbps during non-peak time.

Screenshot for prove:

What I did to prevent the 5 minutes timeout was-- keep relogin. but at last I realized even if I don't relogin, Internet Download Manager will still continue downloading with that speed, just that I couldn't surf the net at all.

Haha, 500kbps of wonder~

04 July 2009

Eason Chan H³M live @ TARC

First and foremost congratulation to Crystallized Memory™ and yours truly for reaching 100th post!!
Well I know 100 posts are considered very few compared to other friends' blogs like Chery's, but well at least this is better than THOSE who left their blog dead for more than half a year.

Back to the topic, yesterday afternoon Vayne invited me thru MSN to attend Eason Chan's live show at his college, TAR College as he has extra tickets after Cafu and Thomas flew their kites.

Eason Chan, is one of my favourite Hong Kong singers among the rest. Most of you will know yours truly doesn't like new songs that much (J-pop and Anime musics are exceptions) and he prefers older ones.

Eason is not very young, he is in his mid thirties and he is prominent in Hong Kong's music industry since 1995 till now. With much experiences and a wonderful voice, he stands out among the others and has great popularity in China, Hong Kong and South-East Asia.

The queue in front of TARC's hall (where the live show was held) was so long till I couldn't really see the end. Fortunately we reached there 2 hours earlier and managed to stand at the 2nd line in the hall. In front of the "standing" area there is a VIP area which had seats.

Having a D40 isn't sufficient to capture Eason from that far. Despite the fact I've left my AA batteries in my hostel, having no external flash, I have no zoom lens with at least 200mm range, but only carried a 18-55mm kit lens.

What to do, financial crisis, sponsor me then? XD

Pics time.
Only 2 uploaded, the rest are not post processed yet. Maybe tonight or tomorrow.

Terrible handshake. ISO1600, horrifying noise >.<
Best photo of that day so far. He walked to the audience but I only managed to capture this.
I couldn't move at all, the crowd was too excited to shake hands with him as if they are made with gold >.<

Stay tuned for more photos!

03 July 2009

Back from UTM KL.

Hey guys~ I'm back from UTM~

After 5 days of MHS week (Minggu Haluan Siswa, similar to orientation) I am physically exhausted and currently back to my home sweet home. I'm not going to spill out the activities everyday, I will just go simple.

The campus is larger than what I've expected, probably not as huge as TARC (I never stepped into tarc be4, just mere guessing). I got lost several times finding Dewan Kuliah 6 and Terminal bus, zz. Talking about the campus there is a huge library, called Perpustakaan Sultanah Zanariah, and that's going to my lepak place during the free time between classes.

Talking about classes, I feel so screwed. My course, diploma in mechanical engineering, somehow has the weirdest timetable among the courses. Lemme have a better and detailed explaination about this. (I left my timetable in my hostel room so here's what I remembered) Monday my class starts at 8am with Physics for 2 hours, and then another subject for another 2 hours, and that called a day. at 12.50pm I'm free to go.

Tuesday is when the Devil calls. Tuesday is the DEATHLY day, why? From 8am I have class, 4 hours till lunch break, and then I have MORE AND MORE classes after lunch break till 9.50pm. No typo, it's 9.50 pm NIGHT. there are FIVE hours of tecnical workshop, followed by an hour lesson-less period, and then another 2 hours of class. So I have tuesday the whole day at campus from dusk till the night comes, but...

Wednesday has NO CLASS! Why leh? So good ah? Actually Wednesday there's an English for Proficiency subject (2 hours), but since I got A for Eng in SPM, so I'm exempted from it by having credit transfer. After lunch break should be the kokurikulum time, but my course is taking the koko in the 2nd semester, so this semester I have wed as my off day.
(And I can sleep gg....)

Ok, here comes the more important part. Who cares about the courses when THERE'S NO GIRLS AHHHHHH

For your information in all diploma courses there's no a SINGLE chinese girl, holy shit. HOLY shit. All malays with tudung like wantan and 1 or 2 sarawak bumi. But fortunately and unfortunately there's 2 degree courses in UTM KL, in which the Human Resource degree has many chinese girls. Yeah this campus has only 2 degrees, other degree courses are at UTM Skudai.

Frankly after observing and scanning for days I found one who caught my eyes. She's a Human Resouce student, neither does she looks sexy nor charming, but there's a sense of ahem. Unexplainable. She doesn't have a sexy body (A cup btw) and she looks .. Erm.. 40% kawaiiness, 20% coolness and another 40% "my cup of tea" style, maybe my poor vocabularies cannot describe her, but there's nothing much can I do unless I took her photo.

Unfortunately she's a DEGREE student... She's 2 years elder than me! Holy. And why does she look so young? She looks just around my age and I would like to hold her hands and go anywhere. Ok this is too far, stop, no Tam 嫂 here ok. Ah I don't know her name, although we went out and ate together. AHEM, I should further explain this.

Yesterday around 7.30pm we, a bunch of chinese guys (diploma+degree) asked all of the chinese degree girls out for dinner outside our hostel. (the hostel is called Kolej kediaman and is damn big). All of us around 25+ with 3 or 4 sarawak bumi who are very friendly and easy going. There are 2 seniors, one is Dai Kor Mah and one is Florence jie jie. Dai kor is very shy, he's a little chubby and VERY SHY~~ Florence jiejie is very sporting, outgoing and a little cute.

Actually we waited for the girls from 6.30pm. Then around 7.10pm they are ready, and I'm surprised to see that girl (described earlier) wearing short pants and a small kawaii t shirt. That t shirt is so small and I'm in another world already. Ok. Then the c2pid security guard at the pondok penjaga told us we CAN'T wear short pants and slippers to go out from the kolej kediaman. Oh fuck, I have whole wardrobe of short pants and semi long pants. Even dai kor Mah wore short one. He said the guard is new guard, and of out no choice we went up and get changed =.=

A very sad case, I can't see that girl with short pants, shit. But she looks equally nice with long trackbottom, woot. And then we walked out of the kolej and entered a food court just around 50~70m outside the kolej. There are a lot of stalls and restaurants there, and we had our dinner there. With the girls XD

The funny thing is, we the guys sat in one table, the girls another table, and dai kor Mah and Florence jiejie sat in another table. From other's sight they're like paktoh you know, cuz only two of us sat in that small table. We guessed that was the 1st time he had went out and had dinner with Florence, because he sat diagonally (not face to face) to Florence and his face was quite pinkish red with the shy shy look. And somehow he smiled. Very funny indeed, he should thank us for putting them together.

ok ok this is too long, I mean this post. I'm back to home to get my laptop and D40, and some other accessories. And I will be going back to my kolej on Sunday, so anyone wants to find me... Find me during weekends lah.

Oh yea, wednesday too, I'm free~~
***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****
Finally, I'm a University student. haha.