24 April 2010

Zell X v50 CFW for NK5800!

Yosh! This is my public release of my latest custom firmware for nokia 5800!
It's a hacked custom firmware with latest v50.0.005 firmware as its core. Works lightning fast with optimized lag-free system.

*Click to view in original size*

Download link:
MEDIAFIRE: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?32yy1jdzd3z

Tutorials are inside the rar file! For those who is first time flashing their phone please do not follow my tutorial since it's pretty shortcut. Please read more at dailymobile forum or lowyat forum Nokia 5800 thread.

Change log for this new cfw:
-[NEW] Latest Music Player layout and functions as in v50.0.005 firmware
-[NEW] Charging bug fixed
-[NEW] Mp4 quality voice recording
-[NEW] Record voice up to 2 hrs 44 minutes
-[NEW] Earpiece call volume set to 100%
-[NEW] Backlight Briteness set to 100% default [u can change it by going to settings]
-[NEW] Camera rom mod [normally afte`r closing camera, the process remians and eats ram, now wid dis mod it gets completely terminated after exiting]
-[NEW] Default music player volume set to 100%
-Directly receive blutooth files in Received folder in memory card (not tested)
-[NEW] Tapping control added in sensor settings (fully tested)
-[NEW] Silence a call by shaking the phone [to disable it goto settings--> sensor-->tapping control and untick silencing calls]
-Kinetic scrolling optimised
-Boot animation : put your own gif and mp3 file with name startup.gif and startup.mp3 in C:\data and reboot. Works 100%
-startup sound loudness is moderate [the txt setting file is full 9 9 but the mp3 sound has been reduced]
-Default ringtone is nokia tune remix
-Default sms tone is changed
-Camera quality 100% utilise full 3.2 MP camera
-Camera sound disable [switch off warning tones in settings to disable sound]
-Browser cache changed to E:
-By default install 99.9% of unsigned applications wid out the need of install server patch
-Nokia sms sending permanently disabled
-Welcome Screen removed [which shows after flashing after boot]
-Language pack: English and Chinese PRC only
-Widget security mod [now widgets wont show up useless warnings when started]
-Overall caching of phone improved
-Application close delay and heap size mod applied
-Screen rotation lightning fast
-Rompatcher patches autostart (fully tested)
-Patches are included in your download. Copy into E:\patches manually
-Estimated 80mb free space (after cleaning up) and 60mb RAM after flashing

Applications Integrated
-RomPatcher Latest Version
-Chinese-English Dictionary
-Auto Installer
-Batch Uninstall
-Phone torch

Do ask me if you have any queries =D

23 April 2010


Nokia 5800 new firmware V50.0.005 is released!

But the custom firmware is not yet stable so I'm not going to create my own firmware for this. So I'll just bear with V40 for awhile more longer.

BTW, see this! OmniaHD homescreen! Finally working in my tube~ Clean and neat!

22 April 2010

Tsugi wa?

Recently keep shooting my Yotsu @@
Seriously need some photoshooting or TT session or my Yotsu will die under my bare and brute flashes!

21 April 2010

Kiss Goodbye

Tomorrow my lovely D40 will leave me and meet her new owner T.T
She has been under my care since April last year and has served me damn well!

Well, goodbye! May your new owner treat you as well as me T.T

20 April 2010


Boy boy boy saenggagdaero change~

Tada~ 2nd time shooting like this but with different main character =D

^ Shot with ISO1250, 1/25s =D

VR really did the magic!

Look, Yotsu also likes her new toy!

03 April 2010

Tadaima minna san~~~


Been using tumblr for a month but recently it became very laggy especially when scrolling. Well in contrary with new customization system in Blogger so I might as well come back to my old and sweet home!

Hmm wait!

What am I doing here while I have Statics final on Tuesday @@

Anyway I'm off to study~ (hopefully) Before I leave there's a good news for fellow Nikonians/Nikon fanboys!

Nikon D90 is dropping price, DRASTICALLY! New Body at RM2500, kit set at Rm3300~3500. Don't miss the chance if you plan to get one! I will try my best to get one too =D

Ja ne~!